Well, the Pens played tonight at Consol.

This was a game I would have peed my pants to go to.

You see our cross state rivals, the Philtha…errr Philadelphia Cryer…errr…Flyers, were in town.

If you live under a rock, the Pens nation pretty much despises the Cryers. We hated them before recent events and shall forever hate them. They’re goons and bullies.

But why so much hatred now?

Two names: Jaromir Jagr and Maxime Talbot.

I’ll admit I got caught up in the Jagr hype when he decided to come back to the NHL from the KHL. I looked at stats, reminisced on the days when he was with the Pens and completely forgot about who the man was. I forgot about what a whiny bitch Jagr was.

I remember now and I’m glad he didn’t come to the Burgh. He was the person who sat on the bench and cried because he didn’t get enough power play time back in the old days. He’s the guy who whined and moaned and complained so much in the 2000-01 season that the Pens had no choice but to ditch him. He was tearing the team apart.

At the moment he may be a happy camper and playing like hell, but how long will that last? How long will the happy Jagr be around? How long is it going to be before he’s ripping the Flyers apart? (Personally, he can destroy all of their souls, hopes and dreams.)

He is one egomaniac that I’m glad isn’t back in Pittsburgh.

And Max Talbot.

If you recognize the name that’s because last season he was suited up in a Pens sweater. Not that horrid orange.

I was a Talbot fan. A big time Talbot fan. Granted he hasn’t done shit for the team since playoffs two years ago, but he was still Max. He had such an infectious energy, excitement and spirit. Then he left. He didn’t just leave though. Of all the teams he could have gone to, he went to the Flyers. For what? For $500,000 more a year. That’s it. Just half a million.

To us average Joe/Jane Schmoes half a million is a lot. Hell, half a million is a fortune to some of us, but to men who deal in millions…it’s shit paper. It’s nothing. It’s a yawn. But, Talbot betrayed Pittsburgh and the Pens and headed East to Philadelphia.

I hope Jagr crushes his soul first.

Unfortunately the Pens lost 4-2. And even more unfortunately Jagr scored against us. I did giggle though hearing Pen fans boo him every time he touched the puck.

And Sidney Crosby is still out with “concussion like symptoms”. I’m beginning to wonder if this will be the Kid’s exit. Will he use this concussion as a means of escape from the NHL and the pressure of being “the Next One”? While I do love Sid, I am a HUGE fan, his health comes first. If this is going to be something that plagues him for the rest of his career and he’ll never be 100% again, maybe retiring from the NHL is best. But, if he can get back to being the old Sid we all know and love…take all the time you need!


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