Dirty laundry

Everybody has dirty laundry. I have it, you have it and even your mom has it.

There are proper places/times to air it.

Facebook is not one of those places.

Are you confused? How can one air dirty laundry on Facebook?

It’s because I’m not talking about literal dirty laundry. I’m talking about your own personal issues.

I understand that everybody needs to vent/rant at times. I know not every relationship is perfect and that there are a lot of deadbeats out there. (Moms or dads) However, blasting that person/issue on Facebook is not really cool nor appropriate. In fact, I find it to be most tasteless and more or less makes the blaster of bad news and name calling look worse than the person they are talking shit on.

As I’ve said I understand that we all need to vent. Hell, I did it last week with a few friends. Why? We all need to just get it out at times.

It seems as though Facebook statuses are being used more and more for complaining.

These are just a few that I’ve noticed.

1. “OMGZZZZZZZZZ guys I’m lyk so totes ugggglllyyy!!!” <–that is usually posted by a girl, who has a majority of her photos posed with a duck face and half-naked. She also happens to be an attention whore. Don’t feed the attention whores.

2. “Baby daddy blah, blah, blah” <–these are the ones who complain constantly about the father of their child moving on from their relationship. Usually the baby daddy is followed by bad mouthing him and/or his new gf or him in general. These folks really need to just stop. It makes them look bad and the baby daddy (or momma) can use it in court if it’s bad enough.

3. “Some people need to just blah blah blah” <–these are the passive aggressive complainers. There is one or two people who pissed them off and instead of dealing with the issue like a big girl/boy they post such statuses on Facebook. These folks need to put on their big girl/boy panties, go to the person they have an issue with and talk it out like grown ups.

4. Then we have general complainers. These are the folks who are constantly negative about EVERYTHING. It seems as though everything in their lives is absolutely horrible.

Usually when I see any of these the person/people guilty are either hidden in my news feed or unfriended. Harsh? Perhaps, but as someone who generally is trying to remain positive and happy, the last thing I want to see when I log onto Facebook is complaints and shit talkers. What also baffles me is, for those who “hate” other people so much…why do you add them to your friends list?

Have you had bad Facebook experiences or want to add to the list? Feel free to leave it in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Dirty laundry

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