When I don’t have my happy pill

I’ve been taking my Zoloft for about 2 1/2 weeks now.

I don’t know why I waited so long to go to the doctor.Yesterday though, I forgot to take my pill. It was a struggle to begin with for me to wake up. I drug myself out of bed around noon, which is unusual for me.

I managed to sulk my way downstairs…skipping the bathroom and not taking my pill, and made the boys some lunch. I didn’t intentionally skip my pill. I just forgot.

It was as though there were a black cloud hanging over my head. It kind of sucked.

I just cured up on the couch and felt like shit all day. There was no reason in particular.


It wasn’t until today that I realized just how much my Zoloft helped. It doesn’t put in a happy, perky mood 100% of the time. I am still irritable and some what cranky occasionally, but my mood with Zoloft is drastically better than without.

We were on our way home from picking up our Christmas tree today when it kind of just dawned on me, I was happy today. I wasn’t miserable and a raging bitch like I was yesterday. I racked my brain for what I’d done differently today than yesterday. My pill.

I think I’ll keep taking it.

Sure I’m still exhausted and have this God awful migraine, but I think I’ll discuss those at my next appointment.

Ahhhh…I just may be a happy camper for the holidays.


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