When will people learn

I must admit, at one point in time I was guilty of this. Until I learned about the risks and realized how incredibly stupid it was. So I stopped. Unfortunately not everyone has.

During my teen years, when texting first came about, I was guilty of texting while driving. I just couldn’t wait to see who was talking to me and it was just so cool. While I never wrecked or had incident with texting and driving, I began seeing more and more articles in the newspapers about people crashing their cars and dying or other people dying.

I stopped texting and driving.

Unfortunately for many people they have the mentality of, “Oh, it won’t happen to me.”

Well sorry to break it to you buck-a-roo, but it is the normal, average Joe Schmoe’s that bad things happen to. Especially when Joe Schmoe is doing something idiotic and reckless.

A prime example from this week is a 19-year-old from Missouri was texting and driving, not paying attention obviously and slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer. This started a chain reaction of a school bus slamming into his back-end and another bus ramming that one. The buses were carrying high school band students to Six Flags St. Louis.

This accident wasn’t a lesson learned for the young boy, or one of the students. This was a deadly collision. The texter and a 15-year-old were killed and 38 others injured. Because of a phone…a text message…something insignificant that could have waited, two families are forever changed.

This is one of those tragedies that could have been avoided and should never have happened. This isn’t the first, sadly, nor the last accident that will result in tragic consequences to those who can’t keep their eyes off their phones.

For those of you who do still text and drive, please stop. There are other people, families, on the roads. Don’t become a statistic and destroy not only your life and family but the lives and families of those you hurt by being stupid.

Yes, it’s stupid. Idiotic. Moronic and just irresponsible.

The punishment for those who are caught texting while driving need to be severe. Police need to start pulling over people that they notice are playing with their damn phones. Their licenses need to be revoked, for good.

Is it an extreme punishment? Perhaps, but could it potentially save lives? Yes. Could it help keep more innocent families from experiencing the loss of a loved one due to the irresponsible actions of one person? Yes. So, go severe. These diving texters need to realize that they don’t just affect themselves, they put everyone else on the road in potential harms way. They add an unnecessary risk to motorists. Driving can already be dangerous enough, add in someone who doesn’t value not only their life but others lives, it’s a recipe for disaster.

My heart aches for these two families. They both lost loved ones too early and for no reason. While it was a tragic accident, it was an accident that could have been avoided.

Parents, please for the love of God, teach your teens about the importance of road safety. Stress to them daily how important it is that they do NOT use their phones while behind the wheel. That text…it can wait. Your life…can not.


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