When the struggle overtakes you…

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m an aspiring author. Since I have been published with a paying gig (which I’m REALLY behind on this months articles…) I do consider myself a writer, an author though not yet. I have been struggling with it lately.

I’ve been writing “seriously” for about three years now. Published…not yet. This work….this is the one for me. If I ever finish it.

I’ve been having a serious inner struggle with my writing. It’s very different writing an article than it is writing a book. An article is nice, short and sweet. While it does take some time to come up with the right words or research, a novel is long and tedious.

So why do we authors and aspiring authors write? For the same reason dancers dance and painters paint. It’s what we love to do. It’s our calling, our passion and even with the migraines it gives us, we love doing it. Every writer struggles from a bit of self-doubt. We all get that feeling of our work not being good enough. For someone like me, not published, it can be worse. Nobody has really read what I’ve written as far as novels go and it is disheartening when that inkling of suckage strikes. I’ve had this little struggle going on for a while now. I think it’s a combination of things really. Not just my self-deprecation when it comes to my ability to enthrall people with my words, worlds and characters. Deep down I know it’s at least alright. Maybe even good, but…I can’t help but think…WOW I SUCK!

You may be asking, what do you do about the internal struggle that your mind is going through?

I try to write through it. As hard as it is, I’m so much more critical of my work when I’m in this sort of mood, I try to just let my mind go free and just write. I don’t reread, I don’t think, I just write. My story could have serious holes or my characters could be lame as hell, but that’s okay, that’s what revision and editing is for. To get through the feeling of suckage, I just write.

While my technique may not work for everyone, it does for me. Each person needs to find their own way of working out their issues and problems. There is always a solution out there somewhere. It is just a mater of finding it and what works for you. Sometimes stepping back and taking some time off is what will work, other times just powering through is the solution.

Whatever your solution is, do it. Don’t let your problem trample over you and overtake you. Fight it, beat it and win. Be the boss!



One thought on “When the struggle overtakes you…

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