Where does it stop?

I’ve posted a few times about bullying here on the Pittsburgh Housewife. Those two times may have been the first, but they won’t be the last.

The bullying stops now. It’s time that everyone says no more. We need more severe punishments for those who do bully and these self-entitled brats need to understand their nasty attitudes and hateful words will no longer be tolerated!

This is a subject that I am familiar with. As I’ve stated before, I was bullied. Not as severely as some, but it happened.

If you don’t have Facebook or look at YouTube then you probably haven’t seen this. It brought tears to my eyes. Sad yet proud tears.

Here we have a young boy, probably 12 or 13, facing a school year with one friend and people who hate him for no apparent reason. He’s called names, picked on and he doesn’t understand why. And who knows what reason those kids have for calling him all those horrible things.

But unlike so many other bullied teenagers, this boy is not opting for suicide. He’s being strong. As hard as it may be, he’s surviving. He has decided to not let these horrendous excuses for human beings bring him down so low as to take his own life.

I hope this boy keeps up his strength and realizes that one day, he won’t have to see those people anymore. I can’t say that it will stop, because there is no guarantee that he won’t encounter bullies in college or at work. It happens and the only thing you can do is stay strong and resilient. You have to realize that those who belittle and pick on someone else are only transferring their own fears and self-loathing onto others.

I am happy to say that about 90% of those that bullied me through out life have grown up, but there will still be those assholes out there that will never be able to get past middle/high school and will stay jerkwads forever. They will remain arrogant, ignorant, self-centered, egotistical assholes and eventually will end up alone in the world for the simple fact that nobody wants to be around them. Who enjoys being near someone who is mean and nasty? Only other people who are either mean and nasty or have such low self-esteem they feel that is the only person who will be their friend. And I feel bad for them.

Bullying is not okay. Not at all. Hating somebody because their parents don’t make enough money, they aren’t pretty enough, they’re fat, they’re gay/lesbian, live in a small house or don’t have the right clothes isn’t cool. It doesn’t make you a bigger person. It makes you an insufferable douchecanoeing twatwaffle really. As you pick on that individual realize that one day, they will grow up. They will regain their confidence and have true friends while you, well, you will be left alone. You may be surrounded by people, but they will be as fake as you are. You won’t have true friends.

The bully victims will remain strong and resilient. We won’t let you petty people bring us down any longer.

Now, I am stepping off my soapbox. Thanks for listening.


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