A bit o’ hockey stuff today

I’m a hockey fan. I love it. I love the game, the action, THE FIGHTS (yes…I LOVE, LOVE hockey fights) and the Pens.

I have to give credit to the man for getting me so hooked on hockey. He’s a big time fan and after a few weeks of watching games every other day, I started to like it. 4 years later, I can’t stand it when I miss a game.

As everyone who is a Penguins fan knows the captain of our beloved team made his debut after being out for 10 months 3 games ago. It was an amazing return. 4 points, 2 goals and he just dominated. It’s great having the old Sid back. I am a Sid fan. I do believe he’s one of, if not the best player in the league right now. (Lemeiux is still the greatest player of all time.) He was out due to two nasty head hits. He suffered from a concussion and, while it was killer not having him on the ice, I’m just glad he’s back to 100%.

The game on the 26th against the Canadiens left Letang with a broken nose from a nasty head hit. An uncalled for head hit. A head hit that was similar to the one that Cooke did last year that led to a 10 game suspension. The Canadien, winger Max Pacioretty, did not even get a penalty for it! And he drew blood! That should have been a 4 minute for the blood alone. But…nothing. Needless to say the Wampler household was up in arms over it. But, Letang got his revenge, he scored the winning the goal of the night. He’s one hell of a defenseman let me tell you.

Well, while the refs may not have cared about our dear Letang’s broken nose and the head hit, the league does. They held a discipline hearing today to discuss the punishment, if any, that Pacioretty will receive for that hit. The reason the hearing is being held, despite the fact that no penalty was assessed during the game, is to question whether Pacioretty violated Rule 48 for illegal checks to the head. According to league rules, a player can be suspended or fined for being in violation of Rule 48.

Unlike some other players, Pacioretty did apologize and said he felt terrible for what he did. He should considering he was the player carried off on a stretcher in March due to a blindside hit from Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara.

I understand that accidents happen, but accident or not, he needs to be punished.

And he is. He was given a 3 game suspension for his hit.


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