Siiiiiiidddddney CCCCrrrrrrosssssby!!!

Today is a good day for Pittsburgh. We’re all running on a high right now.

Why on Earth are Burghers so excited?

Because our captain is BACK!!!!

After 10 long months of the Pens being captainless, Sidney Crosby is finally returning to the line up against the New York Islanders at home tonight.

He has not played in a game since January 5, 2011. Almost an entire year! It started with a hit from Caps David Steckel. It was a nasty head hit and a few games later another hit from Lightnings Victor Hedman. Those two hits led to the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins being laid up for the 10 months.

We’ve been waiting, watching and following his progress. Everyday we would ask, “When is Sid the kid coming back?”

Our question has finally been answered!!!!!! He comes back tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

The excitement is overwhelming. If I worked today, I’d be wearing my Crosby jersey.

I am also kicking myself in the ass for not having tickets. Of all games to have tickets to…today’s would be it. If you are going to the game…this particular gal hates you at the moment. I’ll get over it eventually.

And to Sidney Crosby….WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!


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