Oh the excitement!

I’m spilling the beans with some good news. It’s awesome news really. I cannot contain my excitement!

I’m PREGNANT!HAHAHAHA Fooled ya, but you’re looking now aren’t ya.


So what is it that I’m so excited about?

My FIRST ever paid article has been published today! CLICK HERE and go read it. Seriously, go read it! I WROTE THAT! THAT IS MINE! AND IT IS PUBLISHED!

Alright, I am done. I’m spreading the good news to everyone.

I am so excited. I feel like a semi-real writer now!


2 thoughts on “Oh the excitement!

  1. I totally read that without the nots. I was like “what?!?” Lol. How i missed like three of them, I don’t know, but I definitely did. Haha too much work for me today I guess. And congrats on being published!

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