Invasion of the pornstaches

There seems to be an epidemic among our Penguins, they are all growing pornstaches and it is spreading.

The Pens are playing the Tampa Bay lightning right now. And loosing.

But, that is not what concerns me. What does concern me are the things that seem to be invading everyone’s faces. They all look like 80’s porn stars.

I noticed for the first time late last week with Dan Bylsma. He has quite the pornstache growing. It is now a nice, thick, 80’s pornstache now. Then I noticed one of the sportscasters had one. It’s like an invasion. Perhaps they don’t realize how much they resemble 80’s porn stars with clothes on.


As it turns out the Pens, coaching staff and broadcasters are NOT in fact reviving 80’s porn, it’s for Men’s Health Awareness. Yes, men and their health need some awareness too. It’s not all about the kids and us women.

So, in saying that…GROW 80’S PORNSTACHES….GROW!!!!!!!


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