The Resume Queen

I am a resume queen!! I rock my own socks off with my writerly abilities.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m good at resumes, I suck at anything else formish like that. Such as query letter, synopsis and what have you, but I f*cking rock at resumes.

Mom has been needing a new job, desperately. Well, she finally caved and asked me to just write it for her. I did. I wrote her resume and cover letter, within 2 weeks she had 6-10 phone calls. Within one more week she had a brand spankin new job. Yeah, my resume and cover letter were amazing. Granted, mom got the job. She did the interview and charmed her way into the hearts of human resources at Canonsburg Hospital, but my writing paved the way. I feel good helping my momma out.

Which led to two of my friends requesting my assistance. Fingers crossed for them. And now, my husband is asking for my help. Which is kind of a big deal. He never asks for my help. Ever.

I should start a resume writing business. :o)
All right, this was mainly a brag blog post. I’m just proud of myself for doing something good for once and helping someone. Who knows, maybe resume writing is my true calling and not writing novels. *sigh*
NEVER!!! I shall never give up my novel writing. I WILL BE PUBLISHED ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone wants to employe my resume writing skills….I could possibly be open for business. ;o)


A good friend got a call to set up a phone interview…from the resume and cover letter I wrote. :o) I’m so excited for her!!!! GOOD LUCK JESS!!!


And the man got an interview with a resume I did for him. :o)


2 thoughts on “The Resume Queen

  1. Hello…. its good for your bussiness of writting resume and give the good feedback for it. Resume and cover letter must be well written. they play important role for job seekers. linked below for some examples of resume cover letters.

    • I wouldn’t call it a business…yet. I’ve only done it for family and friends thus far and considering good results are coming back, I’d say they’re well written. At least human resource managers of the places people are applying to think so and I suppose that’s what is important.

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