JoePa and Penn State

If you have been living under a rock for the past few days you would have no idea that Joe Paterno was fired, effective immediately, from Penn State. If you’ve been living in a cave you would have no idea that there is a major sex scandal going on with Penn State right now.

Before you think, ohhh JoePa was naughty with a student! It wasn’t that. Not at all.Paterno’s longtime defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, is charged with abusing eight young boys over a 15-year-period. And it’s likely that even more boys could come forward. Sandusky is being charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse.

So why was Penn State’s favorite head coach handed a pink slip? He knew about it and didn’t do enough according to some. What did he do? He went to his bosses, who did nothing. The former athletic director, Tim Curley, and ex-vice president, Gary Schultz, have also been charged with perjury and failure to report after they were informed by Paterno. Both men entered not guilty pleas in state court earlier this week. Graham Spanier, the school’s president, will also be joining Paterno in the unemployment line.

As of this moment, the university is merely trying to cover its ass. There were reports that Paterno was notified Wednesday morning by telephone of the firing. That is not true, he was handed a note (as if he were in kindergarten) just 15 minutes before the press conference. A NOTE!

So that’s how you fire a man who has led the school to 409 victories over 46 seasons? You give him an f*in note?

I’m by no means a fan of Penn State. I’ve never been particularly fond of the school. In fact I’m in the process of applying to Pitt, but I have respect for JoePa. Should he have contacted the authorities about all of this as well as going to his bosses?

Yes, of course. However, he did what he thought was the right thing. Telling his bosses who could better take matters into their hands. Which, obviously, they did not.

So now Joe is bearing the punishment. Honestly, I don’t think he should have been fired. Suspended, fined, or something along those lines, absolutely. I am NOT saying he should not be punished for not reporting to the authorities, but he’s not the man responsible for these heinous crimes.

Jerry Sandusky is. He is the man who molested these boys. He is the man who stole the innocence. He needs punished. I vote string him up by his toes in Market Square and let all the victims take a few wacks with a wiffle ball bat (those things HURT), but I doubt a judge will pass down that sentence. So jail will suffice. Hopefully he’ll be there for a LONG time.

One woman who commented on WTAE’s facebook page went so far as to say that once these boys (who are now men btw) are paid off by Penn State they’re going to be just fine and forget alllll about the evils that Sandusky did to them.

Really lady? REALLY? So that’s all these kids are after? Some cash? Their minds haven’t been f*ed up at all because of what Sandusky did to them? It’s just a ploy for them to get money? Wow…just wow.

I seriously doubt these men are out for just the money. I’m sure they want some sort of action taken against  Sandusky so he does not continue to do this to other young men.

Penn State will not recover from this for a VERY long time and it’s already projected that they will spend millions of dollars to fix this little fiasco. Which means tuition hikes. I can honestly say, as a mother with TWO children who will be heading off to college in 14 years, they will NOT be attending Penn State. That is one thing I will forbid. No Penn State. And not because of their sexual predator, those can be anyone, anywhere, it’s because of how they handled this whole clusterf*ck. It’s obvious that the leaders of the school have no idea what they are doing. And I don’t want those sorts of people attempting to lead my children.

Go Pitt.




9 thoughts on “JoePa and Penn State

    • I agree, but why does JoePa deserve all the media attention with all of this? Why is he being made to look and sound worse than the man who actually did the crime? I’ve barely heard a peep about Sandusky or the other 3 who are charged. Penn State needed a scapegoat to keep themselves looking as good as possible and as of right now laying all the blame on JoePa seems to be what they are doing.

      I am livid about what happened and the fact that PENN STATE (not JoePa) didn’t look into this and report it when JoePa told them all those years ago. Yes, if it had been me and I noticed that nothing had been done after a few weeks I would have gone to the authorities. But then again, how do we know that JoePa didn’t follow up and was told things were resolved? Has anyone actually stopped and truly asked his version of the events? But, I suppose that will all come out during the trials.

  1. No Offense to any PSU fans but JoePa is getting exactly what he deserves. There is a difference in going the bare minimum the law requires and doing the right thing. How could you let a pedifile work with and continue to offend under leadership.
    Bottom line is he didn’t want this lil secret damaging the football program he worked so hard to build so he shuffled it under the rug like everyone else up the ladder did. Just because he was a great coach doesn’t make him better or above it and I agree with the everything the University did.
    A man is weighed and measured by his actions.
    “All that is needed for evil to survive is for good men to do nothing.”
    All of his past actions show nothing for his character. Character is only shown by the tough decisions and his character has been exposed as lacking.
    His decision not to act allowed a monster to walk around and find more victims whose lives have been irreparably damaged.
    A coachs job is to keep his house clean. Job Failed.
    Yes no college campus is safe but colleges don’t go around covering up crimes while the number of victims pile up.

    • From what I understand he did exactly as was required by Penn State policies. He informed not only the athletic director but also the vice-president. He probably assumed they would do as required by the law.

      Granted, as I’ve stated before, once he noticed that nothing was done for almost 10 years he should have gone to the police. At least I would have. But then again, he only heard a second hand account. He never witnessed anything. If anyone should be drug through the mud it’s Sandusky and McQuery. McQuery is the one who actually saw everything happen. JoePa was just told. Perhaps he thought that the athletic director and V.P of the school did an investigation. I’ve even read that the police are siding with JoePa saying he did what was required and has been cooperating 110%. (lol sorry…I had to throw in the 110%.) I honestly can’t see a man who cares that much about his boys and his team just sweeping something like this under the rug.

      But then again, I don’t know all the details and I don’t know exactly how JoePa thinks and works. For now, I’m going to have to go by what is reported and every bodies statements. And of course, I’m not a Penn State fan…at all. I just hate how JoePa is getting drug through the mud and hardly anything is being said about those who are directly responsible for these heinous acts.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, heather, I think Joe should have done more and he even admitted so but the way he was “let go” was just bullshit. If it wasn’t for him Penn State would not be the school that it is today. I also think that maybe Joe didnt think Sandusky was a man capable of doing such horrific things. What we all fail to remember is that Child Molestors are manipulators and are great at doing it to people of all ages. I bet if we did not know him, he’d be able to charm us into thinking he was this amazing guy doing all of these great things for the community and children. Have we not watched enough oprah to learn this? Hell wasnt there even a recent Law & Order : SVU espisode about a coach doing this? And when you have worked for an organization and helped build its standing, I bet joe more than trusted his sups. I bet he didn’t think twice about the investigation or its findings. And looking back, i bet he wished he would have. You cant change the past, but only learn from it.

    I came across the article this morning

    Im so flipping pissed. WTF is wrong with McQuery? You have a child. YOU SAW THE MAN HAVING SEX WITH A 10 YEAR OLD….and you just flipping walked out?? and just told the coach…ARE FLIPPING KIDDING ME!! You did NOTHING. NOTHING. and he isnt facing anything….nothing…b/c he told Joe PA and is the prosecutors key witness. NOTHING. WTF. He cant coach b/c people made threats against his life.. but he gets to keep his job. How the FUCK is that fair and why does the one person who WITNESSED it who did NOTHING TO EVEN STOP IT FROM OCCURING, get to keep his job? WTF!

    ..hell i hope some one tortures the hell out of this man and makes him suffer like each one of those children. YOU SAW THAT BOY BEING RAPED AND DID NOTHING. THAT BOY WANTED YOUR HELP, MORE THAN JUST TELLING THE COACH! HE WANTED YOU TO TELL SANDUSKY TO STOP AND TO TAKE HIM TO A SAFE PLACE. YOU DID NOTHING. NOTHING. YOU WALKED OUT. EVEN IF THE KID DIDNT ASK OR SCREAM, HE WANTED YOUR HELP. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?! IS BEING THE COACHES BITCH WORTH IT? IS being the team bitch worth YOUR CHILDs safety? b/c you just cost your childs safety. There are even sicker people out there that have no problem hurting your child if it means an eye for an eye.

    And when told that Sandusky could no longer bring his charity on to campus he still did NOTHING. WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLe?! THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND TO SIT THERE AND CONTINUE TO COACH ALONG SIDE THAT SICK FUCK IS EVEN MORE SICKENING. I get we all need to provide for our family but i couldnt. Id kill sandusky. I would have to quit and continue to stand up and scream and report it. It wasnt 2 grown men getting it on in the locker room. This wasnt a coach on the down low getting it on with a grown college student that is taboo….it was an INNOCENT CHILD. NO CHILD wants that. MCQEURY is just as responisble for the rapes as sandusky. He is a kiddie rapest just like sandusky. He may not have carried out the acts but he’s just as much to blame for not even telling sandusky to stop and taking that child to a safe place.

    I may not have children but I would KILL some one if i witnessed this. I would spend my life in prison for killing a child rapist. I would have blow penn states dirty secret out of the fucking water. I would want other parents to know about the charity and what happens. And the worst part is, Sandusky was able to get a hold of these kids b/c he either manipulated the parents, or knew the parents had issues of their own and were not taking care of the kids. He was able to become “the father figure they never had”. And McQuery…helped him by never going to the correct authorities. He never did anything more, like informing the board of directors of the charity or reporting the charity. He did nothing.

    I dont think Id be able to stop myself from killing. IT would mean no other child would ever have to bear the pain that all the others did. It would be worth it. I feel the same way about my MR clients, especially the ones that are physically disabled or can’t talk. IF i ever witnessed some one abusing my clients in any way Mama cougar would come out and claw the hell out of some one. I dont care if it ment my job. I dont care. As an Adult, another human being, its our job to protect those that can not protect themselves, even if it means losing our jobs or even prison. It would be worth it. Id be able to die with a clear conscience. I wouldn’t have that evilness looming over me every day. I wouldnt be filled with guilt for not doing more. I’d never wish harm on anyone, especially innocent children, but I think McQuery’s child will be better off without McQeury and I hope that the guilt destroys McQuery, especially since he has done nothing, not even apologized for not doing more. YOu may be a key witness for the prossecution, but you will always be a POS and nothing more.

    • I completely agree that they over reacted in firing JoePa. He really doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting. Yes, he should have done something after nothing was done, but there WAS an investigation within the school. I would have to assume (for anyone reading, this is MY opinion. Strictly MY opinion.) that he thought things were being taken care of.

      I also agree not enough is being done to McQuery. He IS the one who saw it. JoePa was told by second hand person. He did not see it directly. Which is what I think a lot of people are forgetting. He never witnessed anything. He was just told and who knows what exactly he was told.

      From what I’ve been reading even the police are on Joe’s side. They even stated he did what he was supposed to do according to Penn State policies. He informed not only his immediate supervisor, the athletic director, he also went to the vice-president at the time. THEY are the ones who did nothing as well as McQuery. Which I still don’t understand why he didn’t say anything to Sandusky right then and there. Unless he did and was threatened? Which, I’m not getting that impression from the papers and articles I’ve been reading.

      And, again for those who are reading not you Jess lol, I’m NOT siding with ANYBODY involved. I just do not agree with the way JoePa has been treated and the way Penn State officials have handled this entire situation. They let it get completely out of hand and had the handled things properly from the beginning, I doubt this much controversy would be happening right now and JoePa wouldn’t be their big time scapegoat.

  3. I’m just on the fence about the whole thing with JoePa. Like you said Jess, he did as was required by Penn State. He reported the incident to his sups. He did not witness anything and reported what he was told.

    HOWEVER, I agree with you too Mojo. When he noticed nothing was done, why didn’t he go to the authorities? Why didn’t he even make an “anonymous” call.

    Did he just not believe that a man he’d worked with for so long could be guilty of such a heinous crime? Or did he feel that Penn State did a thorough investigation and trusted his bosses to do the right thing and is just now being the biggest scapegoat ever?

    I believe the guy who actually witnessed it, McQuery is in trouble now. They’re considering terminating him as well.

    What I find funny…Sandusky, the guy who actually did the crime, wrote a book a few years ago called “Touched”. There’s a facepalm if there ever was one. What’s worse, the charity he started or worked for or whatever, the kids he molested were FROM that charity…and he wrote about them in his book. :facepalm:

  4. He might have reported it, but it’s been nearly ten years after he found and nothing has come of it and he never thought to check in on it? Or to go to the cops or something?
    I mean I look at it this way. If I found out another teacher at my school was raping students, I’d go report it. If those people I told did nothing about it, you damn well better bet I’m going to the cops or anybody else who will listen about it. I don’t know how him and a few other of those people could possibly live with themselves knowing that they didn’t speak up to try to keep any other boys from being raped.

    I’m not condemning him really. I’m not mad at him or disgusted the way I am at Sandusky or the president at them who did their best to make sure it never got out. I get that he really did think he did his job (and I suppose he does get some points for actually reporting it, because plenty of people wouldn’t) and that it was on the people he reported it to to do theirs. I get that people want to look the other way on this and to pass the buck to someone else. But that’s no excuse. If you know someone is raping people or harming children, you need to speak up and keep speaking up until you’re heard. He, and everybody else who sat by and did nothing and let it happen or covered it up or looked the other way, absolutely deserves to be fired. No sympathy for anyone but the victims from me.

  5. Okay sooo Im about to ruffle some feather but whatever.


    What everyone is forgetting is that this has been an ongoing investigation/case for the past 4 yrs. JoePa has testified and given all of his statements and has NOT HAD ANY CHARGES FILED AGAINST HIM and the police have stated that he followed the law and PENN STATE POLICIES. The only reason this is coming to light is b/c of the charges finally being filed/trials begining.

    Joepa should not be judged and he should not have lost his job over this. what happened was horrible in every way/shape/and form. However, Joe did NOT witness the actions of Sandusky. He was told by a GRAD STUDENT. WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS PERSON? Why is the person not being dragged through the mud….ultimately this is the person that should be stoned along with sandusky for not reporting straight to authorities…come on people….Why are we rioting JoePA when this asshole just told the coach and did NOTHING MORE AFTER WITNESSING THE MOLESTATION…why did HE NOT RUN IN THERE AND KICK SOME ONES ASS….RIGHT THEN AND THERE. I WOULD HAVE….i would have given my life if it ment perserving what childhood that/those child/children had left. This student should have done more but did nothing…and yet this is acceptable?

    so that leads me too…how did joe know that this was the truth? How did he know this wasnt some person trying to start shit? Joe did was was REQUIRED by him…he informed his sups of what was said. Should he have done his own investigation, sure….but it was a he said/ she said situation……

    Penn State in its own right FAILED…..just like most colleges…come on people…do you really think any campus is going to not try to hide criminal activity with their fucked up bilaws,regulations, etc? how many times have we heard about campuses nationwide dealing with rapes and violence against others “in house” instead of reporting it to the actual authories…hello they have a name to protect and they have stats that they need to keep down. This is not to justify those who knew about it and did nothing to help those children/families….but come on…blame one person and fire that person to keep the shame off you? BULL SHIT. Im certain that the “board of directors was well aware of the situation…how could they not be after 4 yrs of investigations… shouldnt we spread the blame…

    Now I know most people are horrified that they didnt let sandusky go… but everyone is innocent until proven guilty according to our justice system which people need to understand rolls over into the workplace. Because sandusky was NOT working with MINORS during the college football season and all of the incidents occured through his “charity”, legally penn state would be opening themselves to a major law suit by sandusky if they let him go without adquite cause. (yes i agree….the pending charges are more than enough for me but, for others its not, esp on a legal standpoint…he has not been found guilty, therefore technically he did nothing wrong to justify firing him, especially if it means throwing them into the spotlight, they wont do it). He should have been put on an adminstrative leave or asked to take a :”vacation of sorts”. WOuld have looked so much better for penn state board of directors…..however, even in the field i work in, if a MR client accuses one of abuse….a formal investigation must be done until we can terminate a person but we at least have the dignity to know to use the admistrative leave policy allotted by the federal government to prevent further abuse. Penn State board of directors and even the sups had that power, they failed not Joe Pa. Just b/c joe is the head coach doesnt mean he has the power…he cant fire some one w/o approval from his sups. If he could, i bet he would have.

    Sadly as we know the board of directors are denying any knowledge and those in charge are facing charges for not taking action. But Joepa did take action. Once he told his sups of the allegations..there was not much more that he was required to do, legally. That is what we are forgetting. HE DID WAS WAS LEGALLY REQUIRED OF HIM TO DO. Morally we all know he should have done more, HE EVEN ADMITTED SO. But as a society we are going to let this tarnish a mans reputation that he spent his life building b/c of another persons actions? We were all upset when clinton was getting a bj in the oval office by a woman that was NOT his wife & lied about it but yet his repuation as a politician/ president is still squeeky clean…..had joe just ignored the accustations…then i could see society destroying his rep…but he did do something he did what the law required even though we as a society think it could have been more.

    Finally, I do not think we should let this factor in to where our kids choose to go for higher education. Yes this is horrible. Yes Penn State’s handling of the situation is horrible. However, this does not mean that their education is horrible. We all have colleges we favor. I mean Id be heartbroken if my kids would choose LSU. I hate LSU football and their bandwagon fans. However, I know it would be a great education. THese evil people are everywhere, PITT, Penn State, Duquense, Allegheny, LSU, Ohio State….we cant let this determine where and when we will support our children. Yes we want to protect them until they are old and gray, but we have to know that we taught them right/wrong, and to speak up when something injust is being done to them or to others. We just need to support our childrens choice in receiving a higher education to better themselves, regardless where they go. Remember Pitt has also been in the news for multiple rapes that have occured on campus b/c its not exactly in a safe bubble of sorts. No college campus is perfect. We just have to teach our children how to be safe, fight back, and report to the authorities as well as campus PD when voilence/abuse occurs. We should also fight to change this “in house” bs and make it a point that college campuses have to work with the actual authories…..

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