2012 NHL Draft

Pittsburgh got some big news this week. It’s been talked about for the past few months. I’ve heard rumors going around about it, but nothing was set in stone until just the other day.

Pittsburgh will be home to the 2012 NHL Draft. For those who are not sports enthusiasts…the draft is a big deal. It’s something else watching what the teams are going to do when they decide what new talent they want. It’s also exciting watching that talent when they are selected. While I’ve never been to a draft myself, I have watched snippets on T.V and the internet. I love it.

Now, it may not be as exciting as a game, but it’s an important part of the hockey season. All the new talent and familiar names (those with brothers, fathers, grandfathers or uncles who were/are NHL players) makes it exciting to know where they’re going.

The first round will take place on Friday, June 22nd and will start 7pm EST. Rounds two through seven will occur the following day, starting at 10am. It will be the second NHL Entry Draft Pittsburgh has hosted, the first held in 1997 at the Penguins old building, the Civic Arena.

We’re going to have a massive hockey gathering in our wonderous city and I. CAN’T. WAIT!


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