Stickula and Zombie in: Attic cat

Stickula and Zombie like animals. Zombie likes to eat them, Stickula likes to have them as pets.

Some time ago Stickula found a cat that was sick and dying. Feeling bad for the poor kitty he decided to give it eternal life. He had this ideal picture of having a wonderful cat to be his friend forever. Oh was he wrong.

You see this kitty was not a sweet and loving cat. It was a hell beast. After Stickula turned it into a vampire cat, his true colors came out. Stickula had to resort to banning Bat Cat to the attic. Once Bat Cat was bit he grew sharper fangs, craved blood, sprouted bat wings and LOVES to attack poor Stickula.

You see, Bat Cat is sneaky and likes to make Stickula think he’s going crazy. He usually does it when Stickula is busy or not expecting an attack. Like when he’s reading the paper.

I can understand Stickula’s pain. You see, I have an evil, psycho hell beast cat too. Ask any of my friends who’ve met the she devil. She’s vicious.

That’s her, Venus. She’s truly evil. Don’t let fuzzy appearance fool you. I did.



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