working, moming and writing

I’ve been MIA the past week or so. I know. I’ve been insanely busy. Between working, being mom, writing and trying to get started…again…with college I’ve just been one busy momma.

I’ve been working for UPMC at Presby as a HUC. (Health Unit Coordinator) It’s a lovely part-time position and I’m actually learning A LOT. I love it. For the first time in my working life I truly and honestly LOVE my job.

It started last week with orientation and Welcome Day at the Shadyside hospital. There were 265 new employees at Orientation day. Yes, there are 265 new employees working for UPMC. They have orientation every Monday so I’m sure there’s even more by now. In fact, I talked Greg into applying for a few IT positions with UPMC. Who says there are no jobs in Pittsburgh?

Orientation was an 8 hour day of going over policy, benefits and what not. Boring, but necessary. It was a very informational day and LOADS of yummy food. They did provide a breakfast of fruit, bagels, fattening pastries (which were good) and coffee and tea. Lunch was great too. Even the cafeteria food at Presby is amazing. In fact within the next year Presby and Shadyside will be offering in room dining. If you’ve been a patient in L&D at Magee, it’s that. The wide selection of food cooked by a chef. (The food at Magee, when I had the boys, was AMAZINGLY AWESOME! The second best part of my stay there. The first was bringing the boys into the world obviously.)

The Welcome day was another 8 hours of policy, benefits and more talking geared towards Presby, Montefiore and Shadyside employees. It was a bit less boring since there were fewer people and it was more interactive, but it was very informational again. It’s also when I came up with Stickula and Zombie.

I was excited just to get started so I didn’t mind the talks of benefits and policies. Which UPMC does offer amazing benefits. More than most other companies. I’m not going to get into what all they offer, but know it’s definitely worth applying and keeping your fingers crossed for a job.

My first day on my unit (Neuro Progressive) was amazing. There is so much that goes on that patients and families don’t see, it’s really amazing. I’ve been a patient in a hospital a few times and of course have visited family who have been hospitalized, and never knew that nurses and administrative staff do half the things we actually do. The nurses and PST’s are busy from the moment they swipe in, until they swipe out. And not just with patients, but also with students. Presby is a teaching hospital and one of our nurses is a teacher (who happens to be getting her Phd next year, I’m really excited for her.) and her students shadow and work with the nurses on the unit. So while it may seem there are tons of nurses, really there aren’t. We have 4, sometimes 5 nurses. The rest are students.

I’ve only been there for a week, so I’m still learning the ropes. I’ve been fortunate and have had great people training me and VERY understanding nurses. I may have to bake them cookies and what not to say thanks.

There is one downside. Not to UPMC, but to working in general. I no longer get to spend all day with my boys and boy do I miss them. When I work day shift I have to leave the house before they even wake up and it’s hard not seeing their cranky, sour puss morning faces every day. And when I work night shift I don’t get to tuck them in. Even when I work days I don’t get to tuck them in because I go to bed so early. But I have the next 4 days off…I’ll be tucking them in every night.

If you have your resume in, just keep your fingers crossed. If you don’t the first, second or even third job you apply for don’t worry. I put my resume in 38 TIMES before getting an interview. I still don’t know how I was chosen over the other candidates, but I’m glad I was. UPMC may not pay the most, but it’s honestly an amazing company to work for. So keep trying.


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