When a town didn’t care about a toddler

I just read a heart wrenching article about a little girl from China name Wang Yue. She was 2 years old when she died. TWO. A toddler. Younger than my own boys.

Her death was a terrible tragedy that DOZENS of people did nothing to prevent.

Perhaps you’ve seen the video going around of the accident, maybe not. I watched it and I cried. This toddler wandered out into the middle of a small alleyway street and was then struck by not one, but TWO vans.

The first van hit the child which left her laying in the middle of the street bleeding and dying. DOZENS of people just walked past her. Nobody bothered to pick her up and move her. Nobody bothered to call emergency services. Nobody lifted a finger to help this poor child. This two-year-old was then struck by a SECOND van. Finally a woman stopped to help her as her mother finally appeared.

The girl fought for her life for a week. She was hooked up to tubes and wires and tried to survive. Unfortunately her injuries were to severe and she succumbed to them.

The world lost an innocent child because of the ignorance of so many. When did society become so apathetic to others that even a dying child is easily walked over like a piece of garbage? When did life become so meaningless that hitting a toddler is no worse than running over a raccoon?

Fortunately both drivers were arrested, but what about all those pedestrians who just stepped over the bleeding and broke body of a 2-year-old? Will they have to answer for being so heartless? Will they be held accountable for negligence? Or will they continue walking down the streets ignoring humanity?

Rest in peace precious angel. Your fight is over.


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