Stickula and Zombie in: The Bus

Stickula and Zombie live in the city. Being city dwellers they have no need for a car so they use public transportation.

They try to mind their own business. Usually. Stickula makes sure he’s on the outside so that Zombie doesn’t eat their busmates.

Fortunately for Stickula and Zombie some passangers are more understanding of their undead nature than others are.

Unfortunately for the rest of humanity Zombie is a bit overly affectionate with his busmates.

Zombie can’t help himself. And she did bring it o herself. If she’d only ignored Stickula and Zombie…he wouldn’t be chomping on her head right now.  Poor busmate.

But that’s how life is. If you don’t mind your business on the bus…a zombie will eat you.


2 thoughts on “Stickula and Zombie in: The Bus

    • Glad you like it! I thought of the duo during a break at my orientation for work. I think the HR folks think I’m nuts because I left them a napkin drawing of them. lol

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