Black helmets!

It’s been a long time coming.

All of us Pens fans have anxiously waiting for this news.

Pens captain, the incredible Sidney Crosby, has been cleared for contact!

For those of you who either live under a rock or don’t read papers, Sid has been out of commission for a LONG, LONG time. He had two pretty nasty head injuries within 2 weeks of the winter classic last year resulting in a pretty nasty concussion. He tried playing, but was unable to. Before anyone says it was just a headache, have YOU ever had a concussion? It’s not pleasant. Headaches, dizzy, nauseous and if not treated properly can result in life long issues.

But, finally at long last, he’s been cleared for contact! For those who don’t know what that means, since he came back to Pittsburgh he’s been wearing a white helmet. White helmet means, “Don’t hit me”. He could skate and practice, but he couldn’t be hit or have his head/neck area jarred much.

Now, he can. Which being checked, fights, knocked down and what not are all part of hockey.

I can’t wait till he’s playing in games. I’ve missed seeing our beloved captain out there with the other guys. He’s been gone for so long that all he can do is just add to the awesomeness that the team already has going on.

On another note, Malkin is still out with a lower body injury.


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