Introducing Stickula and Zombie

I’m doing something a bit different today.

I created characters today while on break at welcome day and want to introduce you to them. It’s entirely possible that they will take over from time to time.

This is Zombie          and this is Stickula.

Zombie and Stickula are frenemy’s. They have issues that will arise and usually aren’t sure how to handle it. Zombie has a one tract mind that tends to irritate Stickula. He wants brains. But, Stickula’s brains are undead. He usually spends a majority of his time trying to convince Zombie to go find human brains, but Zombie loves Stickula. What other way does a zombie show love other than eating brains?

You see, Stickula is the typical lovelorn stick figure vampire and he doesn’t want his brains to be zombie lunch. He’s waiting for his true love…again. The last one that came around, well he sucked her blood than Zombie ate her brains. Humans don’t fare too well with these best friends.

Zombie doesn’t understand Stickula’s fascination with women. He doesn’t understand anything besides the delectable taste of brains. Zombie loves brains. Stickula is a self-loathing vampire who just wants love.

Will Zombie get brains? Will Stickula find a woman he won’t drain and Zombie won’t eat? Can they fare in this cruel world? Tune in for the next cartoon!


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