It’s a hockey tahn once again

I’m a ‘Burgher in and out. If you cut me, I bleed black n gold.

I like my Primanti sammiches piled high with fries and slaw. I love a good, cold ahrn city. (okay not really, I hate beer. Blah.)

It’s October, the Steelers are loosing and Sid is still not playing. But have no fear, the Pens are a mighty team. Even our third line is better than some teams first lines.

They started off this season playing the Vancouver Cannucks.

Last season, prior to Malkin’s injury, he was quite the douchecanoe. He was reminding me more and more of Jagr. I was REALLY not on the Malkin wagon and was hoping he’d be traded. Something happened though. Perhaps it was the thought of Jagr coming back and him getting pushed to the back burner, maybe there were talks of trading him, or maybe he realized what a douchecanoe he was being, but pre-season and game 1 he’s been quite the team player. I’m pleasantly surprised. I like this new Malkin. Now, the big question is…will this Malkin stay the entire season or will douchcanoe come back at some point?

I’m a Sid fan. I think he’s an amazingly talented young man and a breath of fresh air. He’s an awesome captain and I’m anxiously awaiting his return. He’s been practicing, he’s been on the ice but he’s still not cleared for contact. From what I’ve heard in the rumor mill, it’s looking like mid-November.

Matt Cooke. Oh Matt Cooke, there is one team I’m not going to care if he gets suspended against. The Flyers. I want to see him flatten Jagr and Talbot. I loved Talbot. I was the biggest Talbot fan ever. Then he left. Okay, players grow and need to move on. Fine. It happens. BUT, to go from the PENGUINS to the FLYERS because of a LITTLE bit more money????????????????????? *sigh* I hope Cooke smashes him into the plexiglass. And Jagr, well, I’ve had my ranting about Jagr in earlier posts. I don’t want to get started on the douchecanoeing twatwaffle. (I have new words. Like em? I borrowed them. :o)  )

I can’t wait to go to a game this season. I’ve never been to the Consol Energy Center and I’m aching to go. (If anyone with ticket hook-ups reads this, and loves the blog and loves me…I accept hockey tickets!!!!!!!!!! I’m kinda jk…no really. If you have tickets you won’t use…I’ll use em. I’ll give you my first born child! Well, okay maybe not my child…but I’ll bake you cookies. And a pie. How about cupcakes? I make good cupcakes. I’d offer money, but it’s the holidays annnddd as much as you may THINK free-lancers are rich…no…we are not. We don’t really get paid all that much. It sucks. And I just work part-time and well…I’ll give you cupcakes. With butter cream icing. And sprinkles. )

Oh…and Pens won in a shoot out…YAY!


7 thoughts on “It’s a hockey tahn once again

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