The angry stomp

I can always tell what kind of mood my boys are in by the sound of their stomps in the morning.

There are two sets of stairs in the house. Going from first to second floor, then from second floor to the boys floor.

If they are stomping all the way down, it’s bad mood day.

If it starts out stomping and ends with whining, it’s just one of those days.

If it’s soft and quiet and they sneak up on you, it’s one of those days.

We never really start a day out good. My children are not morning people. Or afternoon people. Or night people for that matter. They’re cranky little people. At least until they’ve had their chocolate or strawberry milk and some breakfast. Without fuel for the tummy’s they are like bears with sore asses.

The past two days they’ve slept in and missed breakfast. Now, when I say sleep in I’m not talking 9:30 or 10…think more like 12:30. Yeah, 12:30. They’ve NEVER slept that long. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I was sitting in the living room doing a bit of writing and looking up buses to Shadyside for Monday (I hate public transportation, but our brakes have gone bad on the van for the time being.) when I heard the first stomps. They started off nice and quiet and got louder and louder. Someone wasn’t sure if he was cranky or not.

So, I got the most brilliant idea ever, scare the child. I hid behind the couch and as the stomping got closer, I jumped out and “RAWRED”.

Child did not appreciate that. 20 minutes later he stopped crying and asked for his milk. I felt bad, so I gave him extra strawberry.

Then more stomps. LOUD stomps all the way down. The other child was already a sour puss. Great.

I didn’t jump out at him. I let him be. Gave them food and well…no more stomps.

Some Handy Manny and animal crackers have soothed the angry bears even more.


2 thoughts on “The angry stomp

  1. This is a great post! It’s neat how intune you are to your boys and their levels of crankiness 🙂 Better yet, you know how to lighten the mood and counteract it with the right amount of sugar and laughs.

    • Lol, after a while of stomping you tend to figure out the not so cranky stomps and the don’t talk to me till after my chocolate milk stomps.

      Sometimes the rawring makes them laugh, today though…just a bad idea. lol. But animal crackers always makes things all better so I’m pretty sure I’ve been forgiven.

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