When the housewife goes to work

I haven’t said anything because I didn’t want to jinx myself. Usually when I get excited about something, I don’t get it. That’s just how things go for lil ol’ me.

But, I’m going to tell everyone now.


I interviewed for a Health Unit Coordinator position at UPMC Presby two weeks ago  and have agonized ever since. I sulked around the house being a serious sour puss in my bathrobe.

Well, today I got the call. The call I’ve been waiting for. I got the job! The pay isn’t phenomenal, but I can move up AND they pay for schooling.

I’m so excited it’s not even funny.

So let me tell you about my interview. First off, if you’re a woman…stilettos are a no-no if you’re interviewing at Presby. I learned this the hard way. (It didn’t affect the interview process, just my feet.) There is this hill going up to the main entrance of the hospital, it’s brutal. I started off at the Medical Arts Building with HR. Which didn’t last as long as I thought. The HR Coordinator pretty much confirmed the information I’d already submitted via UPMC’s website. The real interview happened at Presby when I met with the new boss lady, Donna.

I’m a nervous interviewee. I tend to ramble and stutter. Luckily I prepared myself and did mock interviews at home to help calm my nerves a bit. And I read over my resume and what not a million times.

Donna was so super sweet that she really put my nerves at ease. Especially since she’s a rambler like me. I didn’t really need my resume or references, but I’d take them if I were you. Better safe than sorry ya know.

Now, interviewing with Donna wasn’t bad at all. She pretty much went over the position in detail with me and asked Behavioral style interview questions. (Tell me about a time when…, have you ever had to deal with such and such a type of person…, what would you do if…, those sorts of questions.) I was caught completely off guard. I was not prepared for those kinds of questions. So I had to quickly search my brain for instances of when those all happened to me. Thankfully, I had a few to tell.

Once she finished with her questions, it was my turn. I can’t stress this enough HAVE QUESTIONS TO ASK!! I always write mine down so I don’t forget. Despite having one person in my entire adult life who interviewed me tell me it was inappropriate, I still do it. If an employer isn’t willing or is put off by a prospective employee asking basic questions to know about the company, run.

I asked my questions and then we b.sed for a bit. Talked about this and that. It didn’t happen on purpose, it just sort of happened. Once we chatted, she set me up for a day of shadowing and gave me a tour of the floor.

The following day I sent both Allison (HR) and Donna (new boss lady) thank you letters. I was fighting with myself about whether I should send an email Thank You or a card. After getting advice from a few family members and friends who worked at Presby, I opted for email.

ALWAYS SEND A THANK YOU NOTE AFTER AN INTERVIEW!!! It’s just polite and shows that you do care and are thankful for the interview. Nothing elaborate. Just a thanks for taking time out of your day for me type thing.

Like I said, I sulked for the next 2 weeks. I knew they were interviewing other people and I had absolutely no hospital experience. Tons of customer service experience and computer experience, no hospitals though. I thought for sure I wasn’t going to get it. I was ready to start putting more resumes out there and call it a day. I was eve considering going back to the restaurant industry. :shudder:

But, I did get the call. And I go in on Friday for my TB and drug testing.

Okay, back to my writing. (Which is why I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been going crazy with my latest WIP)


6 thoughts on “When the housewife goes to work

  1. Dude, they don’t call it Cardiac Hill for nothing. Lol I could have told you that. I hated having to go to the med school classes up in those buildings for my job. The worst. That hill is freaking brutal. And then one time I got locked in a little hallway so yeah. If I never have to walk up that damn hill again, I’ll be just fine with that.

    • Yeah…I had NO IDEA what that hill was like. I turned the corner and looked up it and just thought, “SHIT!” Genius me ended up walking ALL the way to the top, realized I’d passed the entrance and had to walk back down. Going down in heels is worse than going up. :o(

      And if I’d known that hills nickname…I wouldn’t have worn stilettos. lol

  2. Wow, congratulations! And your interview sounds worlds away from an interview I had at Magee a few months ago where the interviewer literally told me she hadn’t read my resume even.

    • I am so sorry that happened to you. I’m not sure if they read my resume or not, but they didn’t show it if she didn’t. lol. I do know she had a copy she printed from their website. It’s entirely possible she glanced at it briefly before I got there. lol. It was still a good interview for me though. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that Donna was a rambler like me and everyone in the unit was really nice.

      Did you end up getting the job or are you still waiting to hear back?

    • Thank you!! I’m so excited for Monday! Everyone has been so wonderfully nice, it’s refreshing than previous jobs I’ve had. I’m really hoping I can call this a career. :o)

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