My nights

I’m going to give you small glimpse into the average night of an insomniacish writer with writer’s block.

Yes, you read that right. An insomniacish writer with writer’s block.

I’m doubly cursed and it’s been going on for WAY too long. Weeks. Yes, weeks. Very long weeks.

So, last night, well, right now for me:

10 pm we put kids to bed.

I start off by listening to some pumped up music.
Doesn’t work.

I stare at the computer screen. Get pissed and get up.

I pace around the living room. Sit on my couch. Lay down on my couch. Lay down upside down on my couch.
Commence staring at computer screen some more. Nothing comes, so I begin swearing at my computer screen. I then apologize profusely to my computer because knowing how I am with electronics this one will catch on fire too. (Yeah, I caught a LAPTOP on fire. Without it being plugged in.)

Get up and pace some more. Put on bathrobe to add to that tortured artist thing. It helps that my hair is in a messy pony tail, no make-up, baggy eyes and sweats on. With a holey shirt. A ridiculously holey shirt. Now as I pace I’m running my hands through the pony tailed hair making it even worse as my over-sized fuzzy bathrobe just flutters with my angry paces.

Stare at the alcohol on the shelf. Curse at myself for not buying wine. Pick up the bottle of tequila, put the tequila back down. Tequila is awful. Think about making margaritas. Realize it’s too late for margaritas. Stare at the bottle of cherry UV and think about doing shot. Realize if it’s too late for margaritas it’s too late for shots. Especially of vodka. We don’t mix well with plain vodka.
Sit back down on couch. Lay down on couch. Stare at the computer while laying on the couch.

Stare at clock. It’s now midnight.

Sigh angrily and begin pacing again.

Flip throw channels and yell about there being over 600 channels and nothing on the damned T.V. Ever. Go “ARGH!!!” and flop onto recliner. Get up from recliner and pace to the kitchen. Open the fridge door 5 or 6 times while thinking about eating.

Stare down at your gut and realize you don’t need to eat at 1 am.

10 minutes later go back to the kitchen and grab the bread. Make a pb & j sammich. Then finish it off with a handful of animal crackers and a big glass of milk.

Continue this all night until about 4 or 5 when you do eventually get to sleep…without writing anything.

Wake up at 9 am and repeat the day and night.

F U writers block and insomnia!


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