Ghosts, spirits and the great beyond

There is one thing that can always get hubster and I yelling at each other and arguing. It’s a heated discussion we usually avoid because of our great difference of opinions.

I believe, he doesn’t. Yet.

Growing up I was a pretty devote Methodist. I did church every Sunday and Wednesday. Never swore, wouldn’t dream of premarital sex, prayed before bed every night. The whole she-bang.

Then I turned 18 and for some reason, I began not being so religious. I had sex (*GASP* and no not with random guys, I was always in a relationship, it was just premarital, don’t judge I’d bet 99% of you did too), swore a bit, drank, partied and did the typical rebellious thing. Granted I’ve mellowed out a lot since then.

When I was 20 I started dating Greg. 23 we married. He’s not religious. The opposite actually. He’s pretty much anti-religion. He’s the I have to see it to believe it type. He loves science.

Me, I do question things from time to time and I also believe in science. (carbon dating, dinosaurs did exist and the earth is a few billion years old, not thousands) I still believe in some things. Maybe it’s from being married to Greg and reading about more discoveries of this and that, but yeah.

So, onto the ghosties. Despite our vast differences on opinions of religion, we get along fine. But one thing I’m stubborn about. Absolutely will not drop the subject, is ghosts. I believe in them. I’m skeptical for places until I go and see evidence, but I believe ghosts are there. I believe that our souls, spirits or life essences whatever you want to call it, can be stuck here for whatever reason.

He does not believe. His line of thinking is, when you die you die. No, no, no. I refuse to believe that when we die that’s it. Our souls/spirits/life forces just disappear. There’s gotta be something more. Right?

And for those millions who have had a paranormal experience happen to them? They imagined it all?

Do I think everyone who claims a paranormal experience really did have it happen? No, sometimes your imagination can run away with you, but there are those legit claims. I’ve had a few happen to me over the years. I won’t get into it in this post.

We watched Insidious tonight, which got us debating again. (Horrible movie by the way) Who’s right and what’s what. He somehow ended up talking about aliens. How you get aliens from ghosts I’m not entirely sure. I ignored that, because that is two different things. Aliens and ghosts, no, you can’t compare.

So, when we get the extra cash, I’m taking him to the Stanley Hotel for the weekend. Why the Stanley? Well, go Google it. There are too many stories for me to list here. Oh, and Steven King. The famous author, yeah, he wrote the Shining there. That alone is creepy, but he experienced a few of his own hauntings in that place.

I’ll turn him into a believer one day. And if it’s not at the Stanley, well at least we will get a good vacation out of it.


4 thoughts on “Ghosts, spirits and the great beyond

  1. Come visit me!! I cant take you to the Murtles (and you can stay there) or to any of the NOLA cemetaries you want (they are creepy during the day and I try not to look at them at night when driving by). You never know what might show up on Bourbon Street….gosts, aliens, cajuns….all the same in my book.

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