Vampires and zombies…oh my!

I’ve come to realize I have a serious vampire and zombie obsession.

In fact Greg and I argue about them…a lot.

And when I say vampire, I’m not talking about the sparkling brooding, self-pity shit from Twilight. I’m talking Bram Stoker and Anne Rice vampires. The stake me in the heart I turn to dust vampires.

Before meeting Greg I was never into zombies. Not at all. You wouldn’t catch me watching any of George A. Romero’s zombie movies. NO WAY! Or vampire ones. I’d read Dracula but that was it.

Okay, and watch the old black and white Dracula. That wasn’t scary, just sad. Poor Dracula. He just wanted to love someone! Damnit!

But then Greg and I got married and are living together and well…for those of you who know my dear husband, he’s a horror movie fiend. We have just as many slasher, gore, zombie movies as Disney.

I finally watched Night of the Living Dead, in black and white first. At first I was, meh. Then I watched Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead. Okay, not so meh. Then the remake of Night of the living Dead. Okay, they aren’t so bad.  A little gross, but nothing I can’t handle right?

Then…then he bought the Resident Evil movies (see my complaint of not following the games in earlier post.). I refused to watch them at first. No way in hell was I going to watch that blood bath. But, slowly he wore me down and I caved. I watched the fist one. And guess what…yeah, I liked it. So I watched em all.

Then he started on the vampire movies. First one I watched? Van Helsing. Not a bad movie. Not quite the Dracula I remember from Bram Stoker’s book, but okay. Then came Interview with a Vampire. I cried. I admit it. I bawled like a baby. I loved the movie! And so hubster introduced me to Underworld. Not quiet my cup of tea, but it wasn’t bad, not at all.

Then I started looking up things about vampires on my own. My favorite real “vampire”? Okay, not “favorite” but you know what I mean, Erzsebet Bathory. Don’t know who she was? Google her. She was a real gem let me tell you.

Now not only was I hooked on zombies, now I’m hooked on vampires.

Which inevitably led to our latest bickering argument. Who would win, zombies or vampires?

I got in-depth, if a zombie and vampire bite someone at the same time, what happens to that person? Do they turn into a vombie? Or how about a zompire? Vambie? Do they crave blood, brains or both? Are they slow like a zombie but still think like a vampire? Or fast and brainless?

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on zompires…or vombies.


4 thoughts on “Vampires and zombies…oh my!

  1. If you really want to see a breakdown of zombies vs vampires. The deadliest Warrio show just did a episode where they pitted them against each other.

  2. Interview with the Vampire is my favorite vampire movie/book. Lost Boys is a good movie too. The Hunger is another good one. Didn’t really like Dracula (way too misogynistic with sexual violence for my liking after reading all those essays lol). Also found Nosferatu boring (i fell asleep when we watched that one in class haha). But my favorite will always be Buffy. haha

    Oh and there’s some really weird vampire shit out there, if you hadn’t noticed. Lol some of things we had to read for that vampire class were very wtf? lol

    I hate zombies though. Stupid and boring and the freaking ridiculous science they use to say a virus caused it pisses me off a lot. Seriously, if I’m watching a zombie movie I’m already suspending disbeliefing to accept that, I don’t need you to make up a fake scientfic explanation that makes no sense and goes against even the most basic science a high schooler should know.

    • Interview with a Vampire is by far my FAVORITE vampire anything. EVER! I actually like Nosferatu. I’m weird. I love those oldie movies.
      Of course Buffy is the best vampire series. How can you NOT love David Boreanaz as a vampire?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lost Boys. I’ve been meaning to but always forget about it. I just might have to Netflix it.

      Oh I’ve noticed. Sparkly brooding vampires are NOT my thing. I like mine turning to dust if you stake em or throw em into the sun. THAT is a vampire. Cirque du Freak is another good one. It’s a bit odd and dark, but it has just the right amount of humor and seriousness to keep you hooked. I haven’t read the books of those yet, but it’s definitely on my list. (It’s an entire series.)

      Zombies, I like and don’t like. Movies like Resident Evil and shows like the Walking Dead put a new spin on them. Or even Land of the Dead. That and Walking Dead shows the more “human” side of zombies. It makes you feel for them. You can still kind of see the human in their undead eyes. I actually rooted FOR zombies in Land of the Dead. Most of the humans in that movie were total assholes and deserved to have their brains eaten.

      But with vampires, it’s usually always a sexual thing with the blood sucking. Maybe not so much in Blade but Dracula and *God forgive me for saying this and don’t hold it against me* Twilight, (I AM NOT A FAN OF IT AT ALL) and Interview with a Vampire show the softer side of vampires. (Though, obviously, not That soft.)

      But I’m still vampires 100%.

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