Search terms that have landed you here…

WordPress has this great little area called search terms.

It lets you see what people use to search the internet and end up on your site.

All I have to say is…what is WRONG with people?

I wrote about porn ONCE. ONCE!!!! And now…anyone who’s looking for a “sexy milf”, “hot mom”, Sexy housewife, or people from Pittsburgh in porn are landing here.

This isn’t a porn site. Never has been, never will be. No porn here.

Now, those of you who are doing mad searches on Pumpkin spice latte’s, you’re folks after my own heart. And I still haven’t gotten my pumpkin spice latte! Not a happy camper, at all.

The moms who are trying to find ways to be sexy and a mom, don’t worry. You ARE sexy! Maybe not super model sexy, but we’re not all Heidi Klum’s. I know I’m not. I spend most days in sweats, fuzzy socks and a pony tail. But you know what, I’m chasing two 3-year-olds around all day and my hubster still finds me sexy. And I love being comfy. So be comfy and if anyone says anything about your sweats, tell em to suck it.

Why does it rain so much in Pittsburgh?

Because it’s Pittsburgh! Our weather sucks. We have insane amounts of rain, snow and construction. Since we’re on the East Coast and we’re smack dab up against the Atlantic Ocean, which is where a majority of hurricanes take place. Being that we’re mid way up and a bit inland, we don’t get the full force of the hurricane, but we get the tail end. Which means…RAIN. And lots of it. In the past two weeks I think we’ve had 1 1/2 dry days. When the rain stops, the snow starts. Gotta love Pittsburgh.

And then there is more porn references. Again, THIS IS NOT A PORN SITE! NOT, NOT,NOT!! I may occasionally let a swear word slip but you’re not going to find naughty pictures here. Sorry.

So, it’s interesting seeing what people search for that lands them here. I usually get a good giggle or two in and an occasional head shaking.


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