Big Shot Bob’s House of Wings

Greg and I live in Brighton Heights, which is near Avalon, Pa. There is this little hole in the wall place called Big Shot Bob’s House of Wings, they offer sandwiches, wings, appetizers, salads and drinks.

We’ve ordered wings from there a few times for games and they’ve always been REALLY good.

Today we ordered more than wings. We got a steak salad (for me of course), grilled cheese and tater tots for the kids, a steak sammich (hehe Pittsburghese) for Greg, burgers just for the hell of it and 2 flavors of wings Black n Gold(…blasphemy if you don’t) and honey bunny because I’m a honey fiend.

OH DEAR LORD!!! It was like an orgasm in your mouth. For everything. The steak sandwich was by far the BEST I’ve had in Pittsburgh. The best I’ve ever had this side of Harrisburg (That is the ONE and ONLY thing I’ll give Philly, they have the best steak sandwiches.)

The Black n Gold wings had a spicy black seasoning and a golden sauce. I don’t know what the spices all were or what the sauce mixture is but it’s the best flavoring. I hate spicy. I truly hate spicy food. But those wings…I could eat a dozen myself. The honey bunny…it’s interesting. There is obviously honey in it and some sort of ranch mixture sauce. It’s slightly spicy with a touch of sweet. It’s amazing.

The steak sandwich…which is what prompted me to not only call them but to blog about them, was incredible. It is one of those sandwiches that made me go OH MY GOD mid chew.

Now, I’m not one to just play up a place. I can usually find something bad about a place.

Not this time! Well, okay the food isn’t the healthiest. But come on…it’s football Sunday, who the hell eats healthy on football Sunday???? It’s wings, burgers and beer day! It’s the day all us ‘Burghers pick up our Arhn Cities (Iron…), get our Primanti’s on and wear our jerseys. I think all diets fly out the window on football Sunday. At least mine does. And considering I’ve lost 15 lbs in the past month…I think I can take Sunday’s off.

So, if you’re aching for a good sammich and wings, go to Big Shot Bob’s House of Wings in Avalon. (I have no idea what the one in Coraopolis taste like)


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