Our trip to the doctors

Yesterday was the kids 3-year-appointment.

I was all ready to come back with some hilarious story or wise words about taking your kids to the doctor.

Unfortunately, I have nothing.

Typically when the boys see the doctor’s office they start flipping out. Screaming, crying and what not. Nothing yesterday.

They were calm and collected, which is not like my kids when it comes to doctors. I have to say their fear of the doctor is probably because of the fact that they usually get a shot when they go there.

We registered and waited. No 45 minute wait for us yesterday. 10 minutes. I had to check my blackberry to make sure I didn’t zone out for half an hour.

I didn’t.

Once we were done with the weight and height check (which they are doing great.) we were in the examination room. That’s usually at least a 20-30 minute additional wait. Not this time. We barely had time to get the kids down to their pull ups and a gown on before Dr. Kim came in.

The visit lasted the usual length. Discussing issues and concerns. Listening to hearts and lungs. The kids behaved. They were uncharacteristically well-behaved. They actually sat still. If you have kids, or twins, under the age of 5 you know that does not happen. Ever. I don’t think my kids know the meaning of sitting still.

They really liked Dr. Kim. She got more hugs than any of their other doctors.

I was a bit in shock really. I knew at any minute something would happen and there would be some sort of melt down.

Nope, nothing.

Then came discussion of the flu shot and vaccinations. No shot. Flu mist. A quick squirt up the nose and that was it.  And I could have sworn we needed at least one vaccination this time, but nope, they’re all caught up.

We had a very uneventful doctors visit. They were amazingly good boys. Then we got to the pay station. I knew something had to happen. Brett was the one. As Greg was paying for the parking ticket thingy Brett had his melt down. He wasn’t happy he had to stand with me while daddy was paying so we could leave. He threw himself on the floor and yelled. It lasted about 30 seconds and the threat of a spanking turned his attitude around rather quickly.

I got lucky. I have relatively good boys.

I was hoping for something humorous for you to read…sorry, my kids were good.


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