Oh for the love of pumpkin!

I love this time of year. It starts getting cooler, the holiday’s are starting and it’s just such a beautiful time of year.

And my most favorite thing of all…everything pumpkin comes out!

Edy’s has their pumpkin flavored ice cream, coffee-house coffee creamers has their pumpkin spice flavor out, dairy queen (blah I know) has the pumpkin pie blizzard and…the pumpkin spice latte returns!!!!

I love pumpkin. It’s my favorite fruit. I love pumpkin pie, I could eat an entire pie myself if I didn’t have self-control (I do lick the beaters after mixing the batter).

There are 4 places that I can think of off the top of my head that have pumpkin spice latte’s.

#1 Starbucks

This is a given. Who else would have a fall time favorite other than Starbucks? Yes, they are the mega evil corporation with a naked mermaid logo, BUT they have the BEST coffee. Their pumpkin spice is my all time favorite latte. ALL TIME FAVORITE. EVER.

I would tell you which one to go to, but if you’re in Pittsburgh or near Pittsburgh there is a Starbucks or two on every corner. Just pick one. They’re all decent, at least when I’ve been there. And I don’t go healthy. Nope. I go for the whipped cream and caramel on top. OMG! It’s an orgasm for your mouth. Oh, add a biscotti cookie because they’re just yummy.

#2 Sheetz

Yes, a gas station. But if you’re familiar with Sheetz you know they have more than gas. They have food, snacks and amazing cappuccino. Well, they have the best Pumpkin Spice cappuccino and they’re fairly inexpensive. A 20 oz is $2 or $3. Not bad for a huge coffee.

#3 Dunkin’ Donuts

I’m not a fan of this place. It’s fattening and the coffee sucks. The only thing worth getting is the white-hot chocolate which is just this incredibly delicious concoction that I always got before work. Then the pumpkin spice is released and I have another reason to frequent the place.

There aren’t nearly as many Dunkin’ Donuts as there are Starbucks and theirs isn’t nearly as good as Starbucks, but if you happen to be in an area where there is no Starbucks (does such a place exist?) go here.

#4 Get Go

Get Go is like the third cousin that nobody really talks about except when they want to use their fuel parks of Sheetz. They’re not nearly as awesome and the food is a 1.5 compared to Sheetz 4 (I had crappy service at one of the stores once so they get a -1 for that).

Their Pumpkin Spice will suffice in a jam. It’s decent and it’s pumpkin, but there’s something not terrific about it. I usually have to add a few flavored coffee creamers to get it good.

So, now that you’re craving everything pumpkin, go get a latte and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Oh for the love of pumpkin!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I also love PSLs. I moved to England, and we don’t have pumpkin spice anything over here!!!! I’m going back to the US for vacation next week and I fully intend to have a pumpkin spice flavored something every single day. 🙂

    • No Pumpkin spice????? Blasphemy!!

      That could be a deal breaker for me…unless I could order some online or stock pile it while here and ship it. lol.
      I was really upset when I went to the store yesterday and they were out of pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I have to wait 2 more weeks now. It’s absolute torture.

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