When mom gets sick

This is something all us moms deal with. Sickness.

Our kids get sick, the husbands get sick, hell even the animals get sick.

But we can’t.

That doesn’t mean we don’t. Last week Brett Michael was sick with a coldish flu thing. I always know that when someone in this house gets sick, I have to clear my schedule for at least a week because I’m guaranteed to get it. For a few days I was fine. Brett had a cough and was getting better.

But the inevitable happened, while I was wiping his nose he had to sneeze. He sneezed in my face.

So here I sit in my fuzzy robe, thick socks, sweats with kleenex sticking out of my pockets, empty tea cups everywhere, medication bottles surrounding me and a red nose. I refuse to move from the couch, luckily the boys have a toy box down here to keep them occupied. I’d rather be in bed sleeping, but seeing as how I’m mom, that isn’t an option. I get to spend my day watching and chasing the kids. Fortunately they aren’t running around much. Unfortunately it’s because Brett is still a bit sick and now Eli is as well. Eli though, when he’s sick he wants to sit on me. Not by me, not near me…but on me. And it’s not a sit on the lap and snuggle. It’s climbing up my body and trying to sit on my shoulder like a damn parrot.

He’s not a parrot. He’s a 35 lb toddler. Sitting on my shoulders when I’m not sick isn’t an option and doing so while I’m sick is definitely not happening.

For the mums of 2+ children you know that dreaded feeling when you hear the first cough, sneeze or sniffle. You think, “Oh no! QUARANTINE!”

I didn’t quarantine Brett fast enough.

I think even the dog has it. Her poor nose is as runny as ours.

Besides not feeling good, sickness brings out something else in children. Something awful and just not pleasant and it’s not an icky diaper. It’s the whining. My boys are already fairly whiny, but when they’re sick it’s whiny x’s 10000000000000000. Add their whining with the dogs whining, me being sick and that makes for one cranky momma.

I can’t wait till this sickness is gone from the house because as long as mom is miserable and sick…nobody is going to be happy.


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