And some more bullying…

I don’t like bullies. I really don’t.

I don’t care what age they are either, if they’re a bully I just don’t like em.

Now when it comes to child bullies, you have to sit back and think what kind of parents do these kids have?

A friend of mine posted a news story from WTAE on Facebook about an elementary aged boy who is legally deaf. While on the bus a few other children began punching him and ripped his expensive hearing aids out of his ears and threw them away.

The boy who was bullied looks to be about 6. Just a little kid. Who bullies a child for being deaf? The boy attends one of the Monsessen City Schools and the Dean of Students talked about their anti-bullying program. They have teachers who ride the busses and flyers posted in classrooms. Oh and they suspended 5 students for bullying last year.

Obviously if this little boy has been bullied not just on his second day of school this year, but also last year, the program is not working. It’s time to take further steps to protect children from the nastiness of bullies. Perhaps a punishment more severe than suspension? What about expulsion? What about charging them with the police?

Does that seem harsh? Perhaps to those who’ve never been bullied or were the bullies, yes. But for the victims of these people, even that’s not enough. They take away our dignity. The damage they cause to you. For some, it’s so overwhelming they do the only thing they think will take the hurt and pain away, they kill themselves.

Putting up flyers and having adults, who apparently aren’t doing the job, is not enough to deter these kids from picking on others. A little boy having his hearing aids ripped out, stomped on and thrown away should not be tolerated. Being picked on for any reason, should not be tolerated.

These kids who pick on others are nothing more than predators. They’re starting off small, but what about when bullying isn’t enough for them? What happens when the bullying turns into a child being beaten up for wearing the wrong shirt, being the wrong skin color or having a handicap or disease.

It gets worse as they get older. They keep picking on people, putting down others so they feel better. Even now, as an adult, I encounter my fair share of bullies.

I think we, the victims of bullies of all ages, need to stand up against these awful people. We need to put our feet down and say, “NO MORE!”

No more.


One thought on “And some more bullying…

  1. This story is outrageous!! I have a friend, Laura Booker, whose daughter was bullied on the bus everyday by students and the driver. Laura was arrested and recently went to trial. It ended in a mistrial. Now the lovely state of Florida is planning to try her again. Why? To cover up the blatant disregard for Laura’s daughter and anti-bullying laws. It is NOT enough to have laws. They must be enforced. Parents are at a loss as to how to solve issues of bullying in schools. Most follow “proper channels” to no avail. It’s time to send a loud message that we, parents and students, demand laws be followed anf bullies be punished.
    On a personal note, I have a friend that is deaf and totally reliant on hearing aids. It has been this way since she was a child. In high school some girls decided to jump her. First thing they did? Took her hearing aids and threw them. Big disadvantage and morally disgusting.
    If you have any way to contact the mother of this boy, please give her my email address. I’d certainly like to raise awareness of this situation and will do what I can to help. My husband and I just set up an anti-bullying page to shed light on all bullying issues and can set a subdomain up titled
    Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention. We must all stand up and fight not only the bullies but the schools who turn a blind eye.

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