Walking Northshore

I love walking along the Northshore. There is this lovely path that goes behind the Casino and extends both ways. It’s peaceful, relaxing and has great views of our wonderous city.

This is where I do my walking with the dog. Today, I took photos to share.

Walking isn’t the most thrilling thing to do, but it’s excercise and with some music it really helps clear the mind.

Once you turn off Beaver Avenue and walk toward the river you’ll run into the river trail. I always head towards the city. After passing Rivers Casino you come to the Carnegie Science Center. Behind it is the submarine. It’s been in Pittsburgh forever and I remember touring it many times as a kid. It’s cool and ours.

The Carnegie Science Center is just awesome. The outside of the building is pretty cool and the inside is the most awesome. It’s fun and great for kids. And it makes me smile when see how excited the kids are running down the path toward the sub.

Yes, that’s Heinz field. It’s big, it’s awesome and it’s where our Steelers play. It’s amazing being able to walk past it during games. The roar of the crowd and the sound of the announcers adds a bit of excitement to the air of the Northshore. I’m excited for the upcoming football season. For a while there I was a bit skeptical that there even would be one.

That’s Minnie, my dog. She’s my walking buddy and is always with me. Today though, I apparently walked too long. On the way back she was dragging behind. She eventually quit walking. I had to carry her big, furry ass on my shoulders. Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry a 40 lb dog on your shoulders when 1. you’re out of shape and 2. exhausted from walking for 2 hours after chasing two toddlers around the house? Yeah, it’s hard. Do you know what she’s doing now? Sleeping. She needs to start running. It’s bad when your dog is more out of shape than you are.

I always read comments from people on posts about Pittsburgh about how horrible and ugly our city is. It’s obvious these people haven’t been here recently. Our rivers may be something to be desired, but our city isn’t. The rivers do look beautiful though.

As you can see, our city is not ugly.

If it was so ugly, would so many movies be filming here? (Welcome to Pittsburgh Tom Cruise…)

No, our city is beautiful. It has an air of romance, comfort and it’s home. Perhaps downtown isn’t home for 90% of us, but Pittsburgh is home. It you’re native-born, you grow up loving the city for the good, the bad, the ugly and the gorgeous. We have amazing sports teams, the majority of ‘Burghers are the friendliest you’ll meet and despite our constant construction, downtown is getting even more beautiful as time passes.

See…more beautiful.

I love Pittsburgh. I’m proud to say it. I LOVE PITTSBURGH! I love the fact that it doesn’t have to be enormous to be fabulous. It’s not odd or frowned upon to live in your sports jersey’s (I have 2 jersey’s and countless t-shirts, hats and towels). In fact, you get weird looks for NOT wearing a jersey on a game day. We love our teams. We support the Pens, Steelers…and Pirates. (No, I’m not a Pirates fan. I don’t like baseball and NO I DID NOT JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON!) We’re proud to bleed black ‘n’ gold, we love to eat Primanti sammiches and we speak Pittsburghese. (I have a very heavy Pittsburgh “accent”)

And that’s one of our famous inclines. It offers a pretty cool and awesome view going up the hill to Mt. Washington and makes for a romantic date night to ride it up to dinner and back down for some drinks and dancing in Station Square.

Those are just a few of the views I get to enjoy while I walk along the river trail on the North Shore. It may not be the most remarkable views, no oceans and sand, but it’s our city. It’s our home and I’m proud to live here.

Yay Pittsburgh.


4 thoughts on “Walking Northshore

    • I’ve always lived in Pittsburgh, but I’ve visited other cities and none can seem to compare. There’s just something about the city that makes it feel like home. And it’s the only city I’ve never minded getting lost in. (Mainly b/c you can’t stay lost for long.)

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