Men should be like bras

As a woman, I love the feeling when I walk into Victoria’s Secret. I know when I get in there I’ll be greeted with a happy, smiling face and a tape measure.

I’m not a fan of being fitted, but it’s a necessary evil and those ladies are the only ones aside from Greg who are allowed to manhandle the tata’s.

Do you remember the feeling of putting on a perfectly fitted bra? That feeling of just ahhhhh, well, that’s what a man should be like.

Here’s the reasoning behind that.

1. Support.

– A good bra keeps those girls perky and up where they’re supposed to be. They offer support to the tata’s. A man should do that for a woman. Offer her support. Be there for her when needed, offer a shoulder to cry on or just an ear to hear.

2. Coverage

– A good bra gives us good coverage. They cover the boobies and add to the support. And there is nothing better than knowing that nobody will see the tata’s by that full coverage. Nothing more embarrassing than a nip slip. Like the full coverage a bra offers, a man should do the same. Again he needs to be there. He needs to defend his woman and protect her. Kind of how the cloth of the bra protects from embarrassing nip slips.

3. Takes a load of your back.

– If your bra fits right, it will ease any pains in the back and neck. The straps lift and hold all the weight. Which when you’re big chested, is a miraculous thing. A man should do the same thing. Help prevent any pain in the necks from slipping through. A good man will help alleviate some of the pain a woman may feel and the weight we have to hold up. Which we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and that weight can be crushing. At least that’s how we feel. Even if our problems seem minor, they’re major to use and it’s great knowing that our men are there to help us out.

4. Keeps you from saggin.

– There is nothing worse than sagging. When the girls start to hang past your naval…that’s when you need a new bra. Sagging tata’s not only look god awful but they also add to the back and neck pains. Like a good bra that keeps your tata’s from sagging, a good man will keep you from sagging. We all have those hormone surges that can leave us down, miserable and just feeling blah. A good man knows how to bring us up. They know what makes us feel better and how to make us smile.

So you see, your man should be like your bra. A good support system that helps you prevent wardrobe mishaps and keeps you from sagging. I have a good bra here. In both senses of the word. He’s definitely good at keeping my moods up when my hormones are raging.

I hope you have a good support system at home.


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