Earthquakes and hurricanes…oh my!

Well…the East Coast is getting up the bum bad this week.

It kind of reminds me of the movie 2012.

Today while out with my mother, there was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit near Richmond, Virginia. For those of you not good with geography, that is on the east coast right outside Washington, D.C. (The capital of the United States for those who don’t know…)

So why is this a big deal? California gets hit with earthquakes all the time right?

Well, you see, we’re not accustomed to earthquakes on the east coast. Massive snow storms, rain, wind, thunder storms, flooding and that sort sure. That we deal with constantly. I mean lord we were hit with 27 inches of snow two years and we kept on going as though there was nothing there. (Thank you plow and salt trucks)

Earthquakes…we don’t get earthquakes. We’re not prepared for earthquakes. It kind of freaks us east coasters out a bit.

With the way our fault lines are (Oh yes, there are fault lines on the east coast. Go HERE for information on fault lines east of the Rocky Mountains)tremors just spread. The quake that hit Virginia was felt as far north as Canada.

I didn’t feel a damn thing.

That’s right, there’s an earthquake and I didn’t feel a tremor, a shake or a bump. I was disappointed. I’ve never been anywhere near an earthquake before. It’s kind of sadistic but I’m hoping for aftershocks up here so I can feel something and say, “HEY I FELT IT!” I told a friend on facebook earlier that it was like everybody was in a special club now and I wasn’t invited. lol

Of course my best friend since forever, Mojo (her real name is withheld because…well I haven’t used her real name since I’m not sure when. She may think that I don’t remember it…I do. I think. ;o) lol), didn’t feel anything either. Which got us talking about it and how we never seem to be in the loop for anything. I told her there could be zombipocalypse going on outside and we wouldn’t know. We would even be in denial after we’re bit and craving brains. True story folks…

Now, hurricane. That is something we’re used to on this side of the States. Maybe not so much in Pittsburgh, but we do get the tips of most of them. Rain, wind, thunder, lightening and the scary shit. We can handle it.

So what makes this one so different and news worthy? Well, aside from being a freakin hurricane…it’s going to “reach land”. What does that mean? Don’t they always reach land?

No, they don’t. At least not in the sense of the words. Normally only part of the hurricanes hit us. A wing, a tip, but not the eye. They eye is going to be hitting North Carolina and traveling right up the coast. In fact, Pittsburgh is right in the line of fire for once.

I’m sure I won’t miss the hurricane.


6 thoughts on “Earthquakes and hurricanes…oh my!

    • I didn’t even get hurricane action! I was REALLY left out of the club. No earthquake and no hurricane. Not entirely sad about the hurricane though. It got pretty nasty in Philly. (The hubster and I have family out there.) And I’m not sure I’d want my basement flooded….again. lol

      I’m never invited to things…not even by Mother Nature.

  1. when the eye hits its mostly just crazy tornado like winds with little rain. I experienced my first hurricane with the eye hitting in 2008 thanks to gustav. Its a pretty cool site. damage not so much. we got luckly with just branches everywhere and a few shingles. make sure you stock up on water and toliet paper. This sounds demented but im crazy hoping for a few hurricanes…fema pays firefighters a nice hourly rate and we could use the money!!

    • From what I saw on weather channel Pittsburgh is going to be missed now. It’s going to hit Philly, New York and the northern states…but miss us now. I’m kind of glad about it, we don’t have to fight the crowds for milk, bread, eggs and shit paper.

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