When they recognize you in the bathroom

When I started blogging just a few short moths ago I did not expect people to actually read it. I didn’t really expect to keep up with it as much as I do. And I definitely did not expect people to recognize me.

Apparently I’m becoming Pittsburgh famous.

We took the boys to Kennywood yesterday for their very first time. It was a blast. The kids had fun, loved the rides and the food. They laughed, giggled, yelled and we just had fun.
When you’re at a place for so long, eventually you have to pee. I had to pee around 4 pm. While standing in line, minding my own business, not paying attention to anyone at all, I got this freaky feeling that someone was staring at me. I look around and notice some woman staring at me. I try to ignore it, thinking maybe she’s staring at someone else. Nope, she was staring at me. I took a quick glance in the mirror to make sure there wasn’t a boogey hanging out of my nose or some other oddity to make someone stare, but no, there was nothing green and icky on my face.

Suddenly she just walks toward me. I held onto the kids hands tighter, oh I didn’t mention I was also taking the kids to go pee? Yeah, they were going pee too. She stops in front of me and smiles. I politely smile back and search desperately for someone who may know me or some other out. Alas, I was not so lucky.

Strange bathroom lady: “I KNOW YOU!”
Me: “Um…”
Strange bathroom lady: “You’re that mom!”

Me: “O_0”

Strange bathroom lady: “You are awesome!”
Me: “Um….thanks.” I slowly moved the kids behind me…I wasn’t entirely sure if this woman was insane or not, all signs pointed to she was.

Strange bathroom lady: “I’m not crazy!” Then laughs crazily.

Me: “I, uh, didn’t think that?” I did. I thought she was bat shit crazy, I still do.

Strange bathroom lady: “You write that blog!”
Me: “Which one?”
Strange bathroom lady: “The mom one!”
Me: ” Um, yeah, that’s me.”
Strange bathroom lady: “OH MY GOD! I’m telling everyone I saw you in a Kennywood bathroom!”
Me: “Um…I just have to pee?”
Strange bathroom lady: “You rock!” She then walks out of the bathroom.

Me: O_0

Every woman and child in the bathroom was then staring at me. Waiting those 5 minutes for a stall to open up were by far the most awkward of my life. I just smiled nervously and fussed with the kids and the diaper bag while the restroom of other strange bathroom people stared at me. They may have thought the bat shit crazy bathroom lady was just that, or that I may have been someone important. More likely than not they were thinking the bat shit crazy lady was crazy and those were pity stares.

I vacated that area of Kiddieland rather quickly.

If you do read my blog and you see me out somewhere and what to say hi. PLEASE DO! Just don’t be like bat shit crazy bathroom lady and make me scared you’re going to pull out something and kill me. Be normal because sometimes, I am too.


9 thoughts on “When they recognize you in the bathroom

  1. It’s like totally rude to talk about someone like that. What if it were bout you? Would you like it? So unprofesionial.

    • Well, if I was bat shit crazy and approaching random people in bathrooms, I’d hope they would tell me I was bat shit crazy.

      I write a blog. A personal blog. I write about things that happen to me, the husband, the kids and what I see. I’m not telling people to not come up to me, I’d love to hear it if people read my blog. I’m just showing an example of how NOT to approach someone. lol. Not being bat shit crazy in a bathroom and scaring the piss out of said person.

    • Lol, Well…I just hope she doesn’t stay bat shit crazy, or become more bat shit crazy and hunt me down. I may have to avoid public places for a while.

  2. We had a somewhat similar experience this week at the Phipps. There was a food blogger at the next table (she was talking with her friend about blogging and posting recipes to her blog). Since I’ve just discovered several Pittsburgh-based food blogs (and many others) I was dying to ask her who she was and what blog she wrote – but I couldn’t think of how to do so in a way that wouldn’t make me sound, well … bat shit crazy.

    (“Um, hi … I was eavesdropping, because, y’know, that’s what I DO, and I heard you are a blogger? Me too! Here’s my card!”)

    So … I didn’t say anything.

    • Lol That wouldn’t have bothered me and I probably would have laughed and invited you over.

      And…at least you weren’t being bathroom bat shit crazy. There’s something about being cornered in a bathroom by a wild eyed woman that I don’t know that is just a little on the freaky side.

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