Ugly people shouldn’t be photographed

Now, before everyone starts commenting in an uproar over the title, if you’re a reader of my blog you should know my titles aren’t always as they seem.

There is a photographer in Indiana, Pa, Jennifer McKendrick of Jen McKen Photography.

Up until the other day she was just another photographer trying to make her mark in the world. Her actions have catapulted her up there.

You see a part of Jen’s business is doing senior photos. As we all remember it’s that special time of the senior year when you get all dressed up and have hundreds of photos taken to pick 3. It’s fun and I liked it. It was probably the only time in my schooling life I was ever made to feel beautiful.

So what sets her apart from other photographers?

She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Not bullying others.

She cancelled appointments with about 4 seniors who she found were bullying others using Facebook. She has since refunded their deposits, took screen shots of the negative comments (which went beyond the usual you’re ugly and you have bad clothes.) and sent them along with an email to the students parents.

What? Is she crazy? Why would she do that? Isn’t she afraid of losing business?

Yes, she cancelled the appointments and I commend her for doing that. She has morals and as she said she doesn’t want to photograph ugly people. (Don’t get your panties in a bunch, ugly on the inside.)

“I don’t want to photograph them, I don’t want them to be a part of my business image and I don’t want them on my blog,” Jennifer McKendrick told Channel 4 Action News’ Ashlie Hardway.

She wrote about her decision on her blog. I wish there were more people like her in the world. If there had been when I was in school, I may not have been “picked on” as much as I was. (Oh yeah….I was tormented in school. Names, looks and I really did hate school for the most part. If I didn’t have a few great teachers and enjoyed learning…who knows, I may have dropped out and ended up under a bridge. My mother’s threats of bodily harm kept me going though.)
But why blog about her?
To get it out to other adults and parents that bullying is NOT  okay. Not at all. If you know of kids being bullied, or heaven forbid, your kid(s) are the bullies, stop it! Step in and help the kid being bullied. It hurts and in some cases can lead to that kid committing suicide. A pointless end to a tormented soul. It’s an epidemic that we average Joe Schmoe’s can solve. Make it NOT okay to tease and torment others.
Who care’s if they don’t have brand name clothing? So what if they’re overweight? They have acne…they’re teenagers…who cares? They’re not rich? So what? How does money define who they are? Is it their fault? No, so why make them feel like shit for it? Are they homosexual? Why is it any of your business? Is it hurting you? No, it’s their decision.
Follow in this remarkable woman’s footsteps and help to eliminate bullying.

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