my day yesterday

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I haven’t really been feeling all that great lately and I’ve been so incredibly cranky.

Nothing imparticularly bad happened yesterday. It was just the accumulation of blah things that made it a very meh day.

My boys are in that phase of life where they just don’t listen. Everything we tell them, it’s NO!. After so many no’s in one day, you get a huge migraine.

The migraine I can deal with. I have Excedrin.

What really got me though and kind of made me go F this day!, was after the kids went to bed. I had used the same cup since dinner for my ice tea. I had it setting on the kitchen table and left it sit there. Well, around 11 pm or so I decided I wanted a glass of tea.

As I walked to the kitchen I saw it sitting on the table, in the same spot I had put it after cleaning up. I grabbed it and filled it up. I did not notice the insane amount of bubbles resting on top. I assumed it was normal tea bubbles. If I had noticed that the bubbles were 3 inches high instead of just a quick little fizzy I may have realized something was not right with my drink.

I took a big gulp. After I swallowed, the after taste hit me. I looked at my glass and then noticed the lingering blueish, brown bubbles. Odd. I took out my ice tea pitcher and sniffed the tea.

It smelled normal.

I took another quick gulp of my bubbly tea and swished it around in my mouth. It tasted like…soap. Then it dawned on me (haha) it was  dish soap. Just to be sure it wasn’t my tea I got a  clean glass and poured some. I took a long sip and yup, it wasn’t the tea. It was my glass.

I walked into Greg’s man cave and stared at him for a few minutes.

Me: “Sweetie?”
Greg: “What?”
Me: “Um, did you happen to put Dawn in my tea glass?”
Greg: “Yeah, why?”
Me: O_0

Greg: “You didn’t drink it did you?”
Me: O_0

Greg: “Why would you drink dish soap?”
Me: “Well, I didn’t do it on purpose.”
Greg: “How was it not on purpose if you drank it?”
Me: “I didn’t see the huge bubbles when I poured my tea.”
Greg: “You didn’t notice the blue liquid in the clear glass?”
Me: “No…”

Greg: Laughs: “You’re an idiot.”
Me: “You’re an ass.”
Greg: “I’m guessing you didn’t notice the fly either. Did you?”
Me: O_0

Greg: “Did you notice it in your mouth?”
Me: O_0

Greg: “At least you got some more protein in your diet.”
Me: O_0

Greg: Laughs while going back to work.

Me: I slump to the couch thinking about my Dawn flavored fly I just unknowingly ate.

My day wasn’t awful…just not great.

And with the way these two have been going today, it may be worse. O_0


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