Normal, average, smart parents give their children a bedtime.

A reasonable bedtime.

A good bedtime is 9 or 10 pm. That’s when we usually put our children to bed.

We didn’t do that yesterday.

If you read the birthing story you would know that August 8th was mine and Greg’s twin boys birthday. (My big boys turned 3!) They’ve been spoiled this week. Tons of toys, clothes, no real bedtime and they’ve been allowed to eat as much cake as they want.

Naughty us, I know. But how many times do your big boys turn 3?

Well, for their birthday party we kept it simple. The four of us at Chuck E Cheese. Pizza, games, hamster tubes and cake. It was a lot of fun. However; since it was just the four of us we didn’t see the grandparents. We spent today visiting 3 of the 4 grandparents. Mom and dad (Greg’s parents) and my dad.  (Visiting mom takes up an entire day itself…lol)

We left our house around, oh I don’t know 1:30 this afternoon. Plenty of time to visit grandparents right?

Yeah, wrong.

We spent a good bit of the day at mom and dads. The kids had a blast running around with Nana, playing with their new bubble blowers, matchbox cars, hula hoops and ring toss game. We relaxed with a beer and bullshit with the parents and had a good time. (Which, yay we’re going to Kennywood on Saturday!) We lost track of time and didn’t leave until almost 8:30. Dad lives a good 20 minutes away from mom and dads.

It was a good time at dads. The kids played with their trains that pappy John, Uncle J and Uncle Billy bought for them…and the socker boppers. (Thanks dad…). That was a good 2 hour visit. So we headed for home around 11.

That is already an hour past the kids bedtime. 10 pm is the latest they’re allowed to “stay up” (I know they stay up and play in bed while watching their movie after we tuck them in. I’m not a dumb-dumb). Of course we can’t head straight home. That would make too much sense. We have to stop at Wal-mart. Apparently after 11:30 pm they only have one register open. ONE REGISTER! Do you have any idea how much longer it makes a dreaded trip to that store last? For 1 item it took me HALF AN HOUR! So, it’s now 11:45. Kids are asleep in the car, but they’re dirty from playing hard all day. I’m not the type of mom to let them go to bed dirty. No freakin way were those dirty, stinky kids getting into bed without a bath.

That was when the trouble started. I took the kids to the bathroom and Brett started freaking out. He starts wailing and begging, “NO MOMMA!” You would have thought I was stabbing the boy to death, instead of cleaning him. It was the quickest I’ve ever bathed both boys. 10 minutes. That’s all it took me to scrub those boys and get them upstairs. I don’t know how I did it. It was an out-of-body experience. They were in the tub, washed and dressed before I knew what was going on. For other mothers out there…you know the pains of bathing more than one child. The time it takes…that precious hour it takes to get them in the tub, washed, teeth brushed, out of the tub, to their room, dressed and settled down. It definitely takes longer than 10 minutes. I think I turned into SUPER MOM the moment I walked through the front door.

They were finally in bed, still sniffling and crying, but laying down and sipping their juice by 1 am. The latest they’ve ever been up.

It won’t happen again.

Kids have bedtimes for a reason…the screaming like little banshees is the reason. I hope to God they sleep in tomorrow. O_0


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