Other people’s kids

Yesterday was my boys 3rd birthday. This year we opted out of the usual big party we throw for a smaller, just us, birthday. We decided to give Chuck E Cheese a try.

We both have fond memories of the place as kids. Playing in the giant ball pit, pizza, those scary animatronics puppets, Chuck walking around and the games.

Its great and everyone has fun. That is until other people’s kids are thrown in.

Unfortunately not all kids are well-behaved like mine. I’m not brag…okay, I am. My kids are well-behaved in public. We have minimal whining and only had one melt down and that was the end of the day when they were tired. My kids are good.

When we first arrived the place was pretty much deserted, of course we were smart and went at 4 pm instead of dinner rush at 6 pm. There were two parties and maybe 2 other families there. We were safe! No chaos, no annoying kids that we could see and the employees were relatively happy.

Then the parties ended and the kids were let loose on us unsuspecting families. The parents of these children did not go to the play area, where the rest of us families were sitting and watching our children, with their little hell beasts. They sat in the partition area for the party. Not caring what their little spawn were doing. Which if the demons had been well-behaved and pleasant would not have been a problem, and for the most part they were. Except for 2 sisters. For whatever reason they fixated on my children that day. Not what I wanted.

It was innocent enough at first, the younger of the two wanted to ride on a car Eli was on. Eli had just started it and she quickly became impatient. Whining and complaining. Then she did something I thought would cause me to become psycho mom, she grabbed Eli’s arm and started pulling him out of the toy car. I was amazingly calm and told her to let him go and he’d get out when his turn was up. Which, when his turn was up he got out and I quickly ushered my now 3-year-old away from the 7-year-old.

He found a game whacking sharks that he was good at. I thought the girl grew 2 feet and became more annoying, turns out it was her 11-year-old sister. This little hell beast come over and pushes Eli away from the game, mid turn, and starts playing. I, again calmly, told her to step away from the game and wait her turn. Her excuse? “It’s my birthday!” Which she shrieked. I smiled and informed her it was my sons’ birthday as well and to get the hell away. She then tried grabbing the cup o’ coins that Greg and I purchased for the kids. If she hadn’t walked away I may have smacked her.

I found Greg to warn him about these evil spawn, unfortunately he’d already had a run in with them. For the two hours we were there, they tormented the kids. Not once did I see an adult around.

Normally I am very patient with other people’s kids. Normally. These two terrors though really pushed my buttons. I’ve never, in my life, wanted to spank a child that was not mine so bad in my entire life.

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have encountered…hell beasts…when out in public. Have you? Do you want to share your experience? I’d love it if you do! Just tell your story down below in the comment section. Let’s share the misery of the misbehaved kids.

Seeing these kids, the misbehaving hellions, makes me appreciate my children more. Is it a lack of discipline with kids now-a-day? Is it a lack of parenting? Are parents not instilling respect in their children?


2 thoughts on “Other people’s kids

  1. Oh parents don’t actually parent these days, at least most of them. At work, they just let the little brats yell and scream the whole meal through. It’s so rude to the other customers, and me. Nobody wants to hear that; it’s time to go home. But what really pisses me off is the ones who let their precious little hell beasts throw their food all over the floor. Do you have any idea how hard it is to clean up spaghetti off a carpeted floor? Or how hard it is to clean up crushed up cheerios from between the bricks on a brick floor? And then half the time they take a look at the damage and laugh. When I’m right there. SO RUDE! You should teach your children to not throw food, you should teach them to respect other people’s property and not trash it out, you should teach your kids to clean up after themselves. You shouldn’t teach them its ok to do whatever they want, other people will pick up after them. Gah!

    • Lol I worked at Olive Garden, try getting Alfredo out of carpets. lol

      That’s when the managers of the establishment need to ask the parents to remove said hell beasts from the building. I’m all for letting kids go out to eat. Trust me, I love taking my boys everywhere, but if they EVER acted like that they would most certainly not be leaving the house…ever.

      I can’t stand parents who act like that. They give the rest of us parents a terrible name.

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