The superhero

Parents are superhero’s.

Growing up every kid sees their mom and dad as these amazingly, awesome people who never let bad things happen, made everything all better and never, ever got sick.

Then we grew up and realized that our parents weren’t these God-like immortals but are in fact human.

I always saw my mom as this amazing person who made everything all better for me. If anything bad came along, she made it go away. She took care of me when I was sick and never got sick herself.

If my mom dressed the way I always saw her, she would have run around in a pair of leotards and a cape. My mom was a superhero.

Now I have kids. I’m expected to be that cape claded superhero. I must prevent bad things and have cookies at hand.

We’re not superheros though. We’re human. Nothing but mere mortals. The bad things that don’t happen, do, we just tend to protect our children from them.

To a child their parent is invincible. They can do no wrong and right all the evils of this world. They look to their parents for guidance, approval and direction in life. To them, we are their superheros.

A parent is given the great responsibility of raising their children. We are to guide them in the right direction in life, to love them and to ready them for the world. You don’t have to be the typical caped crusader to be a superhero to your child. So stop looking up capes and spandex clothing. What you need is your brain and compassion.

If you steer your children in the way of truth and justice, you’ve done your job. Remember you can’t make the decisions for them, but you can help keep them informed so that they do make the right ones.

While your children may see you as the masked wonder who saves the day, you know that by helping them develop into productive people, perhaps you are saving the day.

Oh, and it is okay to get sick. Even superheros get the sniffles.

If you want the mask and cape you can buy it. I’m thinking about it. I’ll be…SuperMom…provider of cookies and milk, booboo healer and cook.


2 thoughts on “The superhero

  1. This post made me cry. It’s so true. Up until I was 22 going on 23 I thought my parents, especially my mother was invincible. Even after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had gone to her brain and bones, I still never thought mu mother would lose her battle. I honestly believed she would be okay just like she had made everything okay when I was a litle girl. I think the scariest thing is to realize your parents aren’t invincible….I’d lose my marbles if something happened to my dad. He will always be a super hero in my eyes. So for all you super-hero parents ~ Kudos…..

    • I know exactly how you feel. Only I began realizing that my parents weren’t invincible when my grandma passed away. She was always a tiny woman but fierce. When she had her stroke and was in coma in the hospital, reality kind of bitch slapped me, then kicked me in the ass when she did pass. Then my grandfather went. That was a huge wake up call. He was always a big, strong man; even when he was sick. He never complained or told us how much pain he was in.

      But when my other grandma was diagnosed with cancer and managed to beat it…some of the fairy tale they never die set back in. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when my parents take the one way ticket upstairs. Even now, I still see them as these invincible super hero’s who make everything all better. It’s hard seeing your parents as the humans they are and to realize that they are mortal like the rest of us.

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