Moms day off

Every mom needs a day off. We need to relax, recoup and just recharge our batteries.

You see unlike the energizer bunny, we don’t keep going and going and going. Eventually our tanks empty and we need some us time.

My tanks are almost empty.

For this mom there are a few ways I like to reenergize.

One way in particular (which if you own a spa and would love a review…I’ll be your guinea pig!) is going to the spa. Yes, there is nothing better than a facial, massage and getting your hair done. Pittsburgh has some great day spas you can visit.

One place is Backrubs & Bodyworks . It’s rather conveniently located in downtown. If you have a date night set up you can always call and schedule your appointment for a few hours before hand so you’re rejuvenated going in. They offer shoulder, neck and back massages, a full body, couples massage and therapeutic massage and foot reflexology.

If you want more than a massage you can go to Ease A Petite . They offer massages, facials, body wraps and depilatory treatments.

Or if you don’t mind shelling out the bucks you can head to Nemacolin Woodlands Spa . It’s more expensive, but worth it. They offer the most while having the perfect date night amenities on property. Not to mention it’s gorgeous, secluded, quiet and just an awesome place to go.

Even if you have kids.

After your spacation you’ll be needing a drink. If you went to Nemacolin stay there. They have a lovely place that offers a more laid back and casual feel while having excellent service, amazing food and great drinks. It’s called The Tavern . You can enjoy a good salad or burger, shoot some pool while enjoying an adult beverage with your partner.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, head on out to Nakama for some good sushi or to Pittsburgh Steak Company for a good juicy steak.

Stay on Carson Street and enjoy the music and drinks of the local clubs and bars. A few great places to go are Mario’s, Casey’s, or Jimmy D’s.

Remember that every mom, woman and person deserves some relaxation and rejuvenation. Splurge a bit on yourself and just enjoy being alive.



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