Life sucks, then you get over it

With the debt crisis at an all time high and the U.S. loosing its high credit rating for the first time in our history (the big guys in charge are thinking of dropping us from triple A to a D. That’s worse than Greece.), oh yeah and unemployment sucking the life out of everyone, life seems to be getting unbearably hard.

It sucks really.

Today we ran up to Rite Aid for diapers, juice and my personal products. Three items. That’s it. Three. It cost us over $23.

That may not seem like a lot but when pull ups cost almost $13 and you have two kids…it is. When something you need as a woman cost almost $10…it is. When jobs are scarce and neither you nor your husband have a job and your savings is dwindling….it is.

I hate discussing finances with people who aren’t my husband. Even my mother or my dad. I’m always reminded how I should have done this, should have done that. Well woulda, coulda, shoulda right?

Greg is a United States Marine. He served his country loyally for 4 years. Did his time in Iraq, and was honorably discharged. He’s in school and is a very smart man, it’s a shame he can’t even find a job with all of his experience and at least one degree under his belt.

Me? Well I’m hopeless. I don’t listen to my parents and didn’t go to a “real” college and didn’t finish. All I really can or know how to do is write, mother and manage bars/restaurants. So far it’s gotten me an almost empty bank account, stress and ulcers.

I’m not big on divulging my life to strangers, or to family. I don’t even tell my mother everything. I put on the happy face and tell her everything is fine. Even when it’s not. We’re getting to the point where Greg is considering going back to the Marines. We’ve got some time left for one of us to find a job, but I don’t really hold out hope anymore.

I honestly never thought the horrible economy and unemployment would hit this close to home. Mr. Obama keeps saying that jobs are coming back and the economy is coming back. Sorry, he’s full of shit. The U.S is broke. Apple has more money than our country. Jobs are far and few between. At least ones that require you to use your brain and not say “Do you want fries with that”. Which I can say when you have a college degree, settling for a minimum wage job is not what you aspire for. Or if you’ve been in a higher position than a fry cook

Lately, I’m not even sure how we’ll make it. It’s a complete feeling of hopelessness I’ve never felt before. It’s strange, terrifying and sucks. The kids are young enough that they have no idea what’s going on. They’re happy. But, I know and some nights it takes everything in me to not break down and cry. When did things get so bad that there were no jobs?

Life sucks, you just have to get over it and do what you can to get by. At least for now. Hopefully, one day, things will be better. I hope someday, life can be better. I’m not entirely sure if or when that will happen. At least the kids are happy.


2 thoughts on “Life sucks, then you get over it

    • It just sucks. I knew life was hard, but christ almighty this is getting ridiculous. lol. Greg read online that those who have been unemployed for 3+ years don’t even need to apply to jobs because the companies don’t want them. Luckily for him he’s been in college for the past 3 years and has been running various websites. Non paying jobs, but something for his resume.

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