Going to bed angry

I was always told never to go to bed angry. You solve whatever problem it is you have and make-up with that person before getting sleep.


I’ve seen the wholesome lovey T.V shows where mom and dad lay in bed until they resolve their problem. No matter what that problem is they solve it within 30 minutes and are happy again. They kiss good-night, roll over and go to bed.

To bad reality isn’t like that.

There are some problems that can’t be solved with some simple pillow talk, a kiss and some sleep.

Then again, some problems may seem huge and once you sleep, without talking, they seem smaller and somewhat insignificant in the morning.

I have no idea why people say don’t go to bed angry. Perhaps they enjoy staying up with the waning moon. Or maybe they like being exhausted the following day. What does it solve harping on the same problem all night? You’re repeating things over and over and over. Let it go. Roll over, go to sleep and in the morning that emotionally draining problem, the taxing issue that was the bane of your existence the previous day will seem somewhat less important.

Couples argue. We have disagreements and we fight. If not, then there’s something wrong. When I talk with someone who is a newly wed and they smile and giggle and say how they’ve never, ever had a fight and never, ever will; well it’s my turn to giggle and laugh. Because, well, they will.

It’s okay to go to bed angry every now and then. You won’t solve every single problem, argument and disagreement that night. Not everything is worth loosing a nights worth of sleep. If it is a serious problem, still go to bed. There is nothing worse than beating a dead horse and getting even more pissed off.

Sleep brings peace, it brings a clear mind and you can get rid of the migraine and tackle the problem in the morning, or after work.

So if you do go to bed angry, don’t worry. You’re not being self-destructive or sabotaging your marriage. You may be saving it.


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