I’ve been running into a lot of articles, magazines, sites and what not about kids. Some all for kids, some anti-kids and some on the fence.

There is a local restaurant, McDain’s, who has BANNED children under the age of 6.

I was not a happy camper when I read that.

Lately there are parents out there who do let their youngsters run wild like little demons. Children do throw tantrums, scream and will cry. Greg and I are those parents who will either get our food to go and pay our check or we take the offending child to the van until he calms down.

Not all parents do this. Some will let their little monster angel scream in the store, restaurant or mall.

I don’t think going so far as to ban all children under a certain age, especially from a place that claims to be family friendly, is the right decision. Is it so wrong to ask the family who is ignoring the wailing banshee to leave? Or at least take the child out of the area until they calm down? Why is it so easy for companies to simply ban all for the actions of a few.

It isn’t right nor is it fair to punish all families for the infractions of a few. Some of us do have well behaved children. Some of us do know how to raise kids, even toddlers, so that they are respectful and save the tantrums for the van and home. Like mine. Oh they’ll throw fits at our house, in the van but once we’re in public, they stop. If they’re hungry, they whine. If they’re tired, they whine. We handle it. So why punish us and demand we leave half of our family at home or with a sitter? We enjoy taking our kids out with us. We like having dinner at restaurants with our children. We’re not those parents that are constantly dumping our toddlers off on the closest babysitter so we can go out.

We take them. They like going out. They love people. Especially meeting new women and girls. They are very social boys. Why do we have to deprive them of the opportunity to enrich their little souls with new people, places and things because of a few people who are anti-child? Children are a part of society despite how much some people may hate them. Age discrimination is not right. All you’re doing is hurting your own business. These are future patrons and when we, their parents, tell them in the future how horribly they were treated as babies, toddlers and small kids, do you honestly think they’re going to give you business?

Absolutely not!

These places that ban children, do you think we parents, whether we have our kids or not, are going to frequent your establishment? No. We’re not.

Yes, there are times and places you don’t take your kids. If you’re going to an insanely fancy restaurant and your child is notorious for throwing a tantrum or being a hellion then yes, get a sitter. If it’s a movie that isn’t geared toward kids, or just for kids, and they throw tantrums, get a sitter or wait until it’s on blu-ray.

But if you’re at a “FAMILY” restaurant, DEAL WITH THE KIDS! They ARE part of the family. And remember you anti-child, miserable S.O.B’s at one point YOU were a child. You didn’t pop out of your mothers vagina a full grown adult. You were probably that miserably little monster who did throw tantrums and act like a holy terror. Deal with the fact some of us enjoy our children and not all of us are horrible parents.


4 thoughts on “Anti-kid

  1. As a person w/o kids, let me tell you, I do agree with certain establishments banning children under the age of 6. Nothing was worse than going to ruth chis steakhouse and listening to banchies screaming and terrorizing the wait staff. Sorry If im going to pay over 50 bucks for a steak I do not want to hear your child scream its ass off while, you the parent, sit there and enjoy your steak instead of removing said banchies. However, If I am going to “family friendly” establishments, like eat-n-park or even olive garden, It is expected to hear banchies screaming their head off and giving the rude 16 yr old wait staff a run for their money. And this banning kids from first class make no sense…planes arent huge. And I fly a lot so no matter where you are sitting you can still hear said kid screaming. I would rather the parent walk up and down the aisle entertaining said kid, then listen to it scream and kick my seat. Lazy parents are the problem, not said kids.

    • I still don’t think banning all kids is the solution.

      My boys are actually pretty well behaved when we eat out, which isn’t often, but they don’t scream and yell. They do look at other people and sometime stand up to look over the booth at other people but they don’t scream.

      I also agree that a screeching child can be a huge pain in the ass and I don’t see what’s wrong with the manager at that establishment calmly and politely asking the offending family to leave or at least take the screeching child out of the area until they calm down.

      And as far as planes go, a curtain doesn’t stop the sound of an upset baby. Which for flying I can’t blame the kids. Flying is boring as a kid. and if the parent isn’t prepared or have enough to keep the kid busy for the flight.

      There are just so many anti-kid people in the world anymore that whatever they want, happens. So many people treat kids like second class citizens or like they don’t matter. I think they forget that at one point they were kids themselves.

  2. At first I felt a twinge of resentment when I read about this, but then I realized that, if I didn’t read the article, I would have no idea that they were doing this because I would never take my kids into a mature, non-kid friendly place! Not because I want to make a point, but rather, why would I do that to myself, the kids, and all the patrons? The “fanciest” place we go to is Olive Garden, and that is on VERY rare occasions (you’ve had personal experience with me on that one!). Even then, we eat quickly and get out ASAP! It’s just too stressful for everyone involved.

    Also, as a parent, I like the idea of having a quiet, kid-free zone to go to with my spouse to get away from the craziness!

    That said, I do wonder if this could be considered ageism, which is a form of discrimination, and if a crazy parent hired a great lawyer and sued the restaurant, would they have a case?

    • It’s not just them that are banning kids. Airlines are, there’s a condominium somewhere (the article I read on yahoo didn’t list where or which condominium it was) that bans kids from being OUTSIDE.

      I’m all for having quiet nights out, what I’m not happy with is completely banning all kids. Not all kids misbehave all the time and sensible parents usually take the kid out of the area until they calm down or get their food to go. At least that’s what we do. For us it’s not miserable just for our surrounding restauranters or shoppers but it’s miserable for us. There’s nothing worse than having 1 or 2 kids whining and screaming at you.

      If someone claims to be family friendly, I think they should include all the kids. Not just those who are over the age of 6. Or if they don’t want to have kids, make it 18 and over or 21 and over. I’ve seen some adults and teenagers act worse than some kids. Their loud and obnoxious, cursing, yelling into their cell phones, fighting with their date/spouses or yelling at other patrons.

      And you’re right, it is discrimination. And a parent who does have a little hellion and the reason why people hate kids will find a great lawyer and make mega bucks while getting at least one or two bans lifted.

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