Taking one for the team

I’m all for the feminist movement. Women are equals to men, give us the same pay, same work load and let us pee in the executive bathroom!

So, when it comes to the bedroom (and this goes for either side, male or female) would you “take one for the team”?

By time the kids go to bed I’m exhausted. After cooking and cleaning all day, making sure they’re preoccupied and what not I am looking forward to a shower and my bed. Not sex, not fooling around, just sleep. (No, me being a stay-at-home mom does not destroy all those feminist dreams of every woman in the world working in an office. I like what I do, thanks.)

I also know that by the end of the day Greg is tired. He’s been working on his site, school and whatever else it is he does.

So, say one night he wants it, I don’t but it’s been a while. I muster up the energy and just “take one for the team”. Meaning, I do it for him. Not necessarily that I want to do it right at that moment, but I do it. Why? Because I know he wants to. I know he enjoys it and I’m more than happy to do it.

So, say another night I’m in that mood and he’s not but he “takes one for the team” and does it. Why? Because he loves me and wants me satisfied.

Why do we do it? What’s the motive to get out from under the sheets and drifting off to slumber land? Do you do it so that your husband/wife does not feel rejected? Or do you do it because you fear your spouse will seek it elsewhere? Or do you do it because despite how tired or not in the mood you are in, you really do enjoy sex.

For me it’s a combination of not making Greg feel rejected and enjoying that intimacy with him.

What are your thoughts on “taking one for the team”? Does it destroy women’s rights everywhere? Or is it a wife or husband being generous and making their partner feel loved, beautiful and fulfilled?

I’ve heard those who are for it and those against and I really see no problem in getting in the mood for your spouse now and then. Put the show on the other foot, what if you wanted it and she/he didn’t? How would you feel?

I’m not saying do it all the time. I do know that there are some nights that it’s just really out of the question. I know some days you’re so irritated, cranky and tired you can’t even find the energy to have sex. But is it necessary to always say no? Or to make excuses?

Put your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear other men and women’s opinions on this.


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