Kids + highways = pissed off drivers

I love my kids. I love my cousins kids, my nephew, most of my aunt and uncles kids and my friends kids.

Most kids are great. Most. Then you get those kids. We ran into those  kids last night.

We went to my moms yesterday to hang out and have dinner. Which was great. The kids played in the sprinkler, went crazy over the trains and went for walks. It was a great time.

Around 9 we decided it was time to head home. Greg wanted to watch Breaking Bad before he did his school work and worked on his gaming site. Great right? It was, until we got down the road from our house.

They’ve been working on the bridge by our house for 200 years now and it finally opened again. Slightly excited we took it to find out that now the road below is under construction. We were sitting at the red light and noticed a bunch of kids standing on either side of the HIGHWAY. Yes, highway. Ohio River Blvd, Rte 65. A major, freaking, highway. No big deal though. There was a cross walk.

What do these insane little assholes do? As soon as the light turns green and everyone is pulling out and driving THEY RUN INTO TRAFFIC! There were about 8-10 of them between ages 8-13 or 14. These were damned kids! Running out into traffic, on a busy Pittsburgh highway at 10 pm.

Where were these kids parents? Nowhere around. Not an adult in site. Just a bunch of kids, running into traffic.

I yelled at them. The first time I’ve ever yelled at another persons child, in this case children. Oh I let those little son of a guns have it. Then I called the cops.

Why don’t parents have curfews for their 10 year-olds? Why was a huge group of kids purposely running into traffic? And laughing about it? Flipping off drivers, cursing and punching car/van/truck hoods? What would have happened if one of those children was actually run over? Then what would they have done? Would the parents care then? Who would be to blame for that?

People really disgust me.

What’s worse is if one of those children had been run over acting like assholes, the driver of that vehicle would have been hauled off to jail and persecuted in the papers.

If one of those little jerks was your kid, please put them on a curfew and keep them off major highways.


4 thoughts on “Kids + highways = pissed off drivers

  1. So how is it ne of ur business if they r out late thou? Or if they run on a street. What r u the queen of the streets?

    • It wouldn’t be anyone’s business if they weren’t running into the middle of traffic, laughing and being assholes. Thankfully the cops are around so they deal with the punks.

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