The incessant questions of a toddler

My boys are in this hellish phase of life for, like I said yesterday, whatever reason I was looking forward to.

I can’t wait till they’re out of it.

The entire day was a barrage of why’s. If I said something it was followed by why. Even statements that did not warrant a why, I was asked why. What made it even worse was that he followed me around everywhere, asking me why. I went to the bathroom and as I got up, so did my little shadow. I told him mommy is going to the potty he asks why. After coming back I decided to make dinner. My shadow followed me into the kitchen asking me why I was doing what I was doing every step of the way.

The oldest of the two, Brett, decided today was a good day to ask me what everything in the house was. Which had it not been 90+ degrees in our house I may not have been so irritated.

While I was washing up after dinner my shadow was following me again.

Brett: Whaz is at?
Me: That is the sink.

Brett: Whaz iz at?

Me: That is the faucet in the sink.

Brett: Whaz iz at?

Me: That is the cupboard above the sink.

We went around the kitchen doing this. Then to the living room and did this. All the way upstairs, in the playroom and bedroom.

That is my life. Question after question. I know I’m not the only one. I know other mothers of toddlers are going through the same thing. I know that when they go to bed at night the voices of their children are still running through their minds and they indistinctly start answering questions even though, at the moment, nobody is asking one. It’s great.



6 thoughts on “The incessant questions of a toddler

    • I have never said that I don’t want them. I love my children but sometimes moms and even dads need to vent. Or talk about the questions they are hounded with 24/7 by their toddlers.

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