I don’t know!

My boys are turning 3 in a few weeks. I still can’t believe it.

As they get older they learn new words and phrases. I was so desperate for them to talk when they were babies. I thought how awesome is it going to be to sit and talk with my child?

Dear lord what was I thinking?

My boys never shut up. It’s constant jabbering. 90% of the time you can’t understand a word uttered out of their mouths. I always tell them for kids who can’t talk, they sure do talk a lot.

My mother warned me about this. She said not to wish for talking too much because when they start they’ll never stop. I laughed and said, “Not my boys!”

Well, yes my boys.Within the past few weeks they’ve learned something new. I’m guessing they got it from me because I say it a lot. More than I should because its all I hear now. It’s a dreaded phrase that most mothers and fathers don’t want to hear. Ever.

I don’t know.

Me: Eli, where is your sippy cup?

Eli: I nu know?
Me: You just had it. How do you not know?
Eli: I nu know?
Me: Yes you do know. Where is the sippy?
Eli: I nu know?
Me: O_0

Me: Brett, did you eat your carrots? (They are on the plate in front of him, I’m sitting next to him.)
Brett: I not know?
Me: The plate is in front of you. You do to know. (He then picks up the plate, takes it to the trash, empties the carrots into the can and sits back down smiling.)

Brett: GONE!

Me: You cheated. Why did you throw your carrots away?
Brett: I not know!

Me: O_0

Yes, we are full swing in the I don’t know. And they sure don’t know a lot. It drives me insane and I’m considering banning the I don’t know phrase from my house. Of course I have no idea how well that will go over with 2 toddlers.

I can’t wait until this is over and I actually get answers to my questions.


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