Till death do us part?

I try to avoid newspapers and new on the tv. It’s depressing.

You see 4 things. Parents killing their children, children killing their children, strangers killing everybody and spouses killing each other.

Why watch something so freaking depressing?

For whatever reason I read a few news articles the other day. Another husband killed his wife. Why did he do this? She was cheating on him.

What is going through the minds of these people?

Okay she was in the wrong for cheating, but did she really deserve to die? I know that in the vows we take we say “Till death do us part.” but I’m not entirely sure it meant “if you do something I don’t like, instead of being rash and coming to a logical solution I’ll just kill you instead”.

That guy has destroyed her family. Their children are now “orphans”. How so with one parent still living? That man won’t see the light of day. How do you parent while spending your life behind prison bars? What about her family? They lost a daughter. That is one person who may not mean much to you or I, but was their world.

Someone in the article said, “__________ was such a great husband I never though he would ever so something like this!”

How do they know how great or wonderful he was? Did they live in the  house and see what he was like in private? It’d be so hard for someone to put on a smile and pretend to be normal in public.

I told Greg about the article and asked what he’d do if that were us. Or if he’d ever kill me.

Greg: “No, I wouldn’t kill you.”
Me: “Well good!”
Greg: “I’d kill ya both.”
Me: o_0

He then went back to what he was doing. Never looked at me, never smiled. I laughed at first thinking he was kidding. He didn’t laugh. So I watched him and I’m pretty sure he was fighting back a smile. I think he was kidding…of course I’d never cheat so….I’m okay? That man really like freaking me out sometimes.

It’s still such a shame that people can be so blinded by the hormonal rage of lust that they don’t see the red flags in front of their faces. Then again some men/women are good at hiding their evil side until after the ring is on the finger.

If you are in one a relationship that is abusive, he’s an asshole (more so than usual), you genuinely fear for your life…don’t be afraid to leave. Don’t be afraid to get help and get the hell away from the psycho.

It’d be hard to reclaim your life after going through something like that, but it’s not impossible.


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