The creepy xbox live guy

There are two games on XBox 360 that I am a particular fan of, Fable 2 and 3. While playing it’s nice playing onlive. When you play onlive you run into other players from around the world. It’s pretty cool and fun.

Unless you run into a creeper. Which I seem to have done.

Greg is a “hard-core gamer”. He loves his video games. So that means we have all 3 major consols, 3Dses, computers, blah blah blah. We also have multiple controllers (silly man thought I’d turn into a hard-core gamer…quite frankly I suck at games that aren’t the original Mario Bro’s or Tetris) and head sets for the Xbox and PS3.

Why have head sets?

To communicate with other players. Just about all of Greg’s games are co-op’s. Meaning, you play with other people to accomplish a goal. In Fable 3 you can also play co-op. I tried it for the first time the other day. I had the head set and someone joined my game and all was fine and dandy there for a while. Until he started killing my townspeople. I was mad. I don’t kill my townspeople. Grrr.

So I told him to knock it off and luckily he did. Then Mr. Creeper starts telling me how to spend the gold coins I earn in the game. (The goal after you regain the castle is to earn $6 or $7 million gold coins to save your people.) I have a method to my madness and informed Mr. Creeper of this. Not to mention it’s my game. It doesn’t affect him.

There are achievements in the Xbox and PS3 games. Two of the achievements I could earn is marrying a co-op player (in the game…) and “cross-dimentional conception” (having a video game child with a co-op player). Since I’m attempting to catch up to Greg and his 10,000 achievement points (I have 2,000…) I said “What the hell…why not.”

Apparently Mr. Creeper is taking this video game marriage very seriously. It’s a VIDEO GAME! It’s not real. When it came time for me to stop playing and go to bed Mr. Creeper got mad. o_0 I was confused why somebody I don’t know and have never met would get mad that I was signing off to go to sleep. So he questions me about it. I ignore him, boot him from my game and sign off.

I’m blocking him today.

Not all players are psycho’s. There are some normal ones out there…I think.

Beware of the creepers.


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